Wisdom – Ephesians 1:17

that the GOD of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, the FATHER of glory, may give to you the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM,

Most people have heard of the Holy Spirit and you have heard of Wisdom. But how many of you knew of the Spirit of Wisdom that is GOD given. Wisdom belongs to the LORD GOD alone and is actually a Spirit? The attribute that the Spirit of Wisdom has is that He is infinite wisdom and works wisdom in believers only. Let’s take a look at Isaiah 11:2; here we are informed that the Spirit of the LORD will rest on HIM. The breakdown of this scripture is that the Spirit of the FATHER GOD will rest on top of JESUS. This Spirit brings with Him wisdom and understanding; the Spirit of counsel and might; the Spirit of Knowledge and of the respect and admiration of the LORD GOD Most High. This same Spirit rested on King Solomon then left once the King went nuts and left his first true love which is the obedience towards the FATHER. When JESUS promised that HE would not leave us comfortless; and that HE would send back HIS Spirit. HE was promising more than just the Holy Spirit but the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of Knowledge. JESUS has never and will never do anything half heartedly; JESUS is not a half stepper. When GOD promises us that HE is going to do a thing; HE does the whole thing. We don’t get 1/8, 1/6, ¼ or ½ of a pie. We get the entire pie. The church is not utilizing all that JESUS has sent back for us; we are not welcoming the Spirit of the LORD in HIS fullness. And this could be a possibility as to why many in the church are not filled with the joy of the LORD; why we don’t rest in GOD; why we are still living our lives as though we are defeated when in actuality we are Overcomers and Victors. If we want the enemy to stop clubbing us over top of our heads; we must know who GOD is and what HE has promised to us. How we can operate in and through the authority that we have in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS never once lost HIS cool over any situation. When we lose our cool it’s because we are not allowing the Spirit of the LORD who should be residing within us to operate to His full capacity. The Spirit of Wisdom will give you ideas that seem so simple yet to the average person they never would have thought of that; and you will be the one to reap the financial rewards. The Spirit of Wisdom is waiting for someone to ask Him about the cure of Aids and poverty. But the church is still operating on its ability to perform rather than allowing GOD to do what HE said HE will do. It’s not about our works; we know this; yet, we don’t know this. And we will never get this until we get the Spirit of Wisdom operating in our lives. The Spirit of Counsel is here for us to speak about situations; to help us see them clearly so that we can understand. We have to see as GOD sees so that we can get an understanding. The Spirit of Knowledge operates within us when we go to the Word of GOD and learn about our Heavenly FATHER. Get to know HIS character; get to know HIS voice; get to know HIS scent. The church still has a bad conception as to who the LORD GOD Most High is. Some of us still view HIM as a judge over our lives. This is far from the truth. Some of us still view HIM as the warring GOD of the Old Testament; where have you read in the New Testament that HE wants anyone killed off? The LORD GOD desires that HIS creation in the form of people live; but due to the ignorance that we have regarding HIM; we don’t live to our full potential. It’s not enough to be Saved. Salvation is wonderful and it’s necessary to get into heaven to live out our eternity with JESUS. But we must make JESUS the LORD over our lives. We must surrender to HIM completely; we must accept all that HE wants us to have for a full and joyful life here on this earth. And we cannot have that if we don’t accept the complete gift. So, just as JESUS promised to send back HIS Spirit so that we will not be left comfortless; get the entire package. Get Spirit of the LORD which is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of Knowledge. Then learn to rest in them.

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