Wisdom – Psalm 49:3

My mouth shall (will) speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart shall [will] give understanding.

Our mouths will speak wisdom when we call on wisdom to be apart of our day. We should never begin the day without asking for a daily dose of wisdom. There are decisions that we have to make and sometimes those decisions will need to be made quickly; we may not have the luxury to think about something for a few hours, days or weeks. If we are not careful and we make a decision without the guidance of Wisdom; we will find that we have made the wrong decision and the decision that was made could turn out to be harmful to us in one form or another. I often think of the scripture in Isaiah 6:5-7; though this scripture has to do with cleansing of sin from the mouth of man. I also like to think that wisdom entered into the mouth of Isaiah as foolishness went out. I also keep in mind every single day; how King Solomon asked the Living GOD for wisdom and knowledge; 2 Chronicles 1:10. I know that most people have knowledge but knowledge without wisdom is just book and world learning. But knowledge and wisdom provides us with an unfair advantage. See wisdom is completely from the Living GOD. There is no such thing as worldly wisdom; that is just knowledge. Wisdom is and belongs to GOD alone. James 1:5 lets us know that GOD is the one who gives wisdom and not only does HE gives it to those who ask; HE gives liberally. No one can give what does not belong to self. Books are authored by men and women; you can gain knowledge; become a bit smarter but that’s it. Schools are erected to provide a wealth of knowledge and many will graduate with degrees and the highest degree that can be earned on any subject is a doctorate. But that does not afford the dr. with being wise. But if you ask the LORD GOD for wisdom; it will not matter if you are learned or not. When the LORD GOD gives you the wisdom you ask for; you will be able to think beyond your means, speak more articulately than ever, make incredible decisions that seem so simple yet no one saw the solution but you. That’s what happened with King Solomon; yes he was well learned but when he asked for wisdom, he became a blessing and a threat. He was a double edge sword going to make things happen in the name of the Living GOD. Kings and Queens came before him to learn of him. He was the wisest man in the world and there will never be another like him. Thank YOU JESUS; I say that because I believe that all that wisdom was too much for mankind. Let’s get real here; King Solomon loved women and because of his great passion for women; he married women that turned his head and heart from the Living GOD. In actuality; King Solomon became coo-coo for coco-puffs. Mankind is fallen; maybe had mankind not fallen into sin; mankind would have been able to withstand the greatness of wisdom. But now all we can handle is just enough wisdom for the present day. GOD will provide to each and everyone of us who will ask liberally and not only that; our hearts will have understanding; after all, what good is it to have wisdom if you don’t understand what the LORD GOD is revealing to you? So meditate on the things of GOD; in other words speak to yourself; have a conference with the President (the FATHER); the CEO (the SON) the CFO (the Holy Spirit) and the board members; Wisdom and Knowledge. Talk over what the plans of the day are and allow them to guide you in all your ways.  

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