Wow! Did you know that when we acknowledge whatever it is that we acknowledge we are taking ownership of whatever it is? For instance, admitting that which is true. Having special regard for GOD because we have received HIS begotten SON JESUS. Confession of or admitting to something that we realize is wrong in what we did or said. Being grateful for a favor or gift that was given to us. Or, admitting who we belong to and who belong to us. Well, if we didn’t know, now we know. But how will our knowledge help us in our identity in CHRIST JESUS? Let’s find out.

In the very essence of who we are in CHRIST JESUS, we are to remember HIM from the top of our head to the soul of our feet. Share the plans that we have for each day and allow HIM to direct us. Doing this will prevent unnecessary stress that we invite into our lives. We must come to acknowledge GOD for ourselves through CHRIST JESUS. We must have our own intimate relationship with the FATHER and stop trying to ride on the coat takes of others. We must acknowledge the LORD our GOD with an undivided heart and a willing mind. After all, who are we fooling but ourselves thinking that no one knows our motives and thoughts? GOD knows them all, so, since this is the truth of the matter why not give to GOD all our desires and allow HIM to accept us? This will keep us from having those ding-bat thoughts of abandonment by GOD which is far from the truth. When we entrust all of our efforts to the LORD by asking HIM to bless them we are acknowledging that because of our relationship in CHRIST JESUS we are successful in what we do. It is because we never give ourselves entirely to GOD that we become anxious and worried about things we have magnified when they are like ants or flees in size. Nothing is impossible for GOD because GOD is limitless and we ourselves have limits. Cease being afraid to ask the FATHER for what it is you desire, acknowledge the love that HE has for you and come boldly before HIM letting HIM know in your everyday use of your language and vocabulary what it is that we need or want. But most importantly, come before the KING with a thankful heart my dear Prince’s and Princesses. Acknowledge that we all lack the true wisdom which we can only receive from the FATHER through HIS Holy Spirit who should be living on the inside of each of us. If you don’t know who the Holy Spirit is or doubt about His living within you, find out by searching the scriptures about who He is and asks Him to come into you heart. Having Him in this manner gives us the fullness of GOD. Once we acknowledge that we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us in full measure ask the FATHER daily for the wisdom we all need to live just for today. We will come to find that decisions will become sharper and the help we offer or have been asked to provide will be effortless. In the wisdom of the Holy Spirit there are no mistakes, should we encounter any mistakes it’s because we did not ask the Holy Spirit for help or we ignored what it was that He said to us. Some of us just don’t recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. But know this my friends, by asking GOD for HIS wisdom, HE will not delay the wisdom that we need, and the Holy Spirit will provide us the wisdom we need in generous amounts.

Now, we know that it is imperative that we all acknowledge the LORD our GOD through CHRIST JESUS from every facet of our being.

Proverbs 3:6; 1 Chron., Prov. 16:3, Phil. 4:6, Jms. 1:5


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