Readers, I’m in a place at the moment where in the natural I could easily allow myself to be overtaken by worry. Regardless of my walk with the LORD; I am still a person of emotion. It’s difficult to be hit with something that comes out of left field even though you have been given warnings in advance. Left field is a dark; lonesome place that you can either be led into or something can come hurdling from there that will hit you as if a building has landed upon you.

I like to call this the place where the rubber meets the road. This is the place where for me is a test to allow me to see just how much I rely on GOD to get me through yet another crisis. We all will face crises in our lifetime it’s inevitable; but the question is what are you going to do with the crisis when it hits? Are you going to question your faith; run and hide; or run to the FATHER? I’m choosing to run to my DADDY; I’ve got no other place to go. Once I’ve spoken to HIM about my situation, HE will speak with me. HE then will guide me to those in family or friends who I can go to and speak or inform about my current situation. To build a fort of prayers with me to conquer the catastrophe that must be faced. Oh how I serve such an Awesome, Spectacular, Tremendous and Wondrous GOD. I would not turn back from this life to return to the Egypt from where HE has delivered me from. I don’t understand the ins and outs of everything; but what I do know is this; my GOD will deliver me. Not because of my faith; not because of who I am; not even because I say so. But because HE said so. And so it is. Philippians 4:6-7 and 1 Peter 5:7

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