Your faith in CHRIST JESUS causes you to overcome

1 John 5

Many say that they believe in GOD; however, I always need to know what god? You see, I understand that anything and anyone can be perceived as god. Another reason is that the devil also believes in GOD and that belief has not caused him to repent. After all; he once resided with the Most High GOD as an archangel so it’s not so much that he believes; he knows that there is a creative GOD. It is important that you not confess GOD but confess your faith in JESUS and that HE is The CHRIST. What does it mean to be The CHRIST? JESUS is The Anointed One. The anointing is in HIM, HE is the one who anoints and without HIS anointing to do or say; you are just doing and saying from your own strength. You must confess that JESUS is born of GOD and that you are born again because of HIM alone. You love because of JESUS because it’s through JESUS that you have the ability to forgive and love. It is through JESUS that we are able to obey HIS commandments; we don’t try to obey; we simply obey. Our love for GOD is not in our saying; our love of GOD is in our obedience of HIS Word. We also know that because we are born of GOD that we are Overcomers because JESUS overcame the world for us. What that means to you is that anything that you are struggling with; really is not a struggle because JESUS already dealt with that issue. All we have to do is believe that it has been taken care of when JESUS was crucified for you. If you simply believe that JESUS is the One and Only Begotten SON of The Most High GOD then you are an overcomer. Maybe you don’t understand what it means to be begotten and that is the hang up. Begotten is to father. Every human is begotten because every human has a father. However, every human does not have a daddy. This is why GOD said that HE will be a FATHER to the fatherless; meaning that not only will HE become your FATHER when you accept JESUS by faith. HE will also take care of you as a daddy is supposed to. A daddy is a wonderful provider and whatever else you need in a daddy. Did anyone realize that GOD gave and gives witness to HIS SON, JESUS? Well HE did and HE does. GOD said that “This is MY beloved SON; in HIM I AM well pleased. Hear HIM!” or “This is MY beloved SON. Hear HIM!” That’s right GOD HIMSELF gave and gives testimony of HIS SON JESUS. So when you believe in the SON of GOD you have this very witness within yourself. It’s impossible for you to deny JESUS as the SON of the living GOD. GOD also testifies that eternal life is in HIS SON JESUS. So if you have JESUS living on the inside of you then you have eternal life. Believe in the name of JESUS; believe in GOD’s SON JESUS. Know that it is from this belief and faith in JESUS that you have eternal life and that; that life cannot be taken away from you. Have confidence that your DADDY will hear us when we ask anything according to the will of our FATHER. As you mature in JESUS; it will become more and more difficult for you to sin on a daily basis. Your desires change from the love you once had for doing wrong to doing what pleases your FATHER in heaven because of JESUS. This comes by reading the Word of GOD daily; speaking with your DAD and JESUS often throughout the day and praying. Praying not just to get things but praying also to grow stronger in CHRIST JESUS and for those that you know are lost without JESUS. Who will spend eternity in an eternal death with satan and his demons in hell. Remember, the famous song by MC Hammer “Can’t touch this?” Well the enemy can’t touch you once you belong to GOD through JESUS because the blood of JESUS is all over you and you should plead the blood of JESUS along the borders of where ever you go to keep the enemy at bay. Because of JESUS and your faith in JESUS you belong to GOD. Know that JESUS came and has given to us an understanding that we know HIM and that HE is true. JESUS CHRIST is in us and we are in JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is the true and living GOD and eternal life. Just in case you did not realize JESUS is GOD; read John 1:1-5, 10-14.


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  1. chevonee

    You are preaching as usual Elder Shawn!! I pray that you continue to be blessed and prosper in your ministry!

    1. amfbeministry


      You are so kind. We at AMFBeM are happy that you enjoy the blogs and hope that you continue to be encouraged, inspired and informed. Don’t forget to share with others. We will pass your comment on to Elder Shawn.

      GOD Bless you and your family.

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