There is nothing better for us to accept than that of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word. Glory be to the GOD Most High! I watch and listen to how those who are in darkness have no problem accepting all the foolishness that’s out here in this sinful world. Sometimes I sit back and wonder if they have the ability to listen and see because they follow with the program of the wicked like little puppies who love unconditionally. The church should know that that there is nothing better than what the Word of GOD promises to people and share that with others in their words and actions. Ask yourself what is acceptable to you that you have received with pleasure and if it’s something that you desire to share with others such as GOD’s Good News. GOD’s Good News is what we all need, and we must try and give it to others as well as meet the needs of those who are without. This will give us, the church, gratification because this is what we should be doing. I guess this blog is being inspired by the lack of compassion that the president of the USA lacks. Today is the mark of one full month that people have not been able to earn a living and provide for their families. We as the church need to understand that though we are praying for those without, this is the opportunity that we must show the compassion of CHRIST JESUS, that we must be about doing the work and show the love of CHRIST JESUS rather than just the Words of CHRIST JESUS.

Today is the acceptable time that we are hearing the voice of GOD in our spirit. Today is the acceptable day that we usher the lost, the hurting, the distressed, the anxious and worried to CHRIST JESUS. We must show what we as the body and church of CHRIST are about. JESUS when on earth helped, HE did not sit back on HIS principles and just pray. HE saw the need and HE helped along with HIS disciples who also received gratification in what they were doing by following what JESUS was doing. JESUS is the One who preserves us. It’s the glory we must give to CHRIST JESUS that every person who does not work for the government but private industries so that we who are earning a living can help those who lack. Today, we must show the favor of GOD towards those who do not have. Not only should we share the salvation of the LORD GOD, but we are to offer our help which comes from the Holy GOD in the name of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is a promise keeper. Today is the day that may be marked for someone who does not know the JESUS that we serve and are in a relationship with to see the CHRIST within us. Today should be the day that the cries of those who are lost and disturbed by their situation of lack are answered. Let them see that the GOD we worship is the One who guards and protects rather than the government. Today is the acceptable day that we pray asking the LORD for guidance and that the Holy Spirit is being heard in our spiritual ears to know what it is that we the church are to do for those who are without. Let people see through us that the GOD we worship is a merciful GOD giving HIM all the glory and praise when they thank us for helping and showing them the answer to all truth and HIS salvation. Today is the acceptable day that those who lack receive help because today is the day that GOD has heard their cries. We are to be seen as little JESUS walking around here on earth not just praying for people but actually doing what needs to be done. Show them that today is the acceptable and right time that salvation has heard their cries and is here to be a help. Today is their day that GOD is showing HIS favor because HE is hearing their cries and HE is arriving within us to help through HIS salvation. But don’t be amiss to share with them that today is the day to be saved in CHRIST JESUS.

In the name of JESUS let us go out and proclaim that today is the day which is acceptable to share with those who do not know JESUS to come and know HIM through their faith. Stop relying on New Year’s resolutions that resolve nothing because most don’t have the discipline to cease doing or the tenacity to persevere to that which they want to achieve. Some of us may have the ability to hire those who are dealing with this ridiculous furlough of the government initiated by the president of the USA. And, others may have a side hustle in selling products that generate income, share that with others. We can’t make anyone receive what we have to offer but at least we invited those who are in need to receive from GOD through our efforts. Let us be the blessing they are looking for. Let us be the help they need. Because today is the acceptable day to show the blessings, favor, grace, love, and mercy of our Savior. Give GOD all the glory.

Isaiah 49:8, Ps. 69:13, 2 Cor. 6:2, Luke 4:19


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