Why was JESUS crucified? Many will provide various answers, and some will be correct, and some will be in error. Religion has provided many various answers to the question, but the answer is found in the gospels where we find the declaration of HIS crime and offense. What was written and placed above the head of JESUS is the charge to why HE was crucified. Well, let’s take a better look at what the accusation was or is.

The accusation was written against HIM, this notice is the accusation against JESUS.

JESUS of Nazareth the King of the Jews

JESUS was not crucified for all the miracles that HE did, HE was not crucified for all the people HE healed and delivered, nor was HE crucified for feeding many people. HE was not even crucified for what HE was teaching. JESUS was crucified for being King of the Jews. Do you not recall how at the announcement of HIS birth the King wanted to have HIM killed? Mt. 2

Then there are those who are accusers they find blame with who we are and what we do. Where does this come from? It comes from the chief accuser satan himself. This is what happened at the trial of JESUS, HE was being accused but no one came forward with their false testimony. Two men came forward, however. They stated, “This man said, ‘I can tear down GOD’s temple and rebuild it in three days” Mt. 26:60-61. There will always be those who will find a reason to accuse us of our faults. I call them the fault finding, police. They never find an accusation against themselves, but they can find all the faults of others. No human will ever satisfy to the full another person. False Christianity is full of legalism instead of being full of faith in the grace and rest in CHRIST JESUS. Legalism is the Law of Moses and it is because of legalism that repels people from coming to CHRIST rather than ushering them to come closer to HIM. We are quick to tell others what they can’t do rather than share with them what we can do in CHRIST JESUS. Once we come to the full knowledge of who CHRIST JESUS is to us and who we are in CHRIST JESUS we will finally rest not giving a care to what we are being accused of. We who know who we are in CHRIST JESUS will know rest in the finished works of CHRIST instead of our performing to be in HIM. Our life in CHRIST is so refreshing and simple, yet, people who don’t understand our life in CHRIST grooms to make life difficult because of religion rather than a relationship with and in CHRIST. Know this my dear siblings in JESUS that in our salvation from CHRIST JESUS who is the authority of being the MESSIAH we have within us GOD’s kingdom, HIS power, and HIS strength, to allow CHRIST JESUS to deal with the accuser/satan who comes against us all. The first person he came after was JESUS, remember the charge which caused JESUS to be crucified? That idiot could not see the larger picture which that through the death of JESUS is our freedom from him was made. It was through the death of JESUS that our freedom was paid in full owing nothing. So, don’t get angry when wrongfully accused or maybe the accusation is correct just like the accusation of JESUS, it was not a lie HE is the King of the Jews. And the temple of the Living GOD was rebuilt in three days. JESUS kept silent regarding the accusations and this is the example we too must follow. The only time JESUS spoke was not regarding the accusations but when a question was asked of HIM. “Are YOU the MESSIAH, the SON of GOD?” “Yes, I AM. But I alone can guarantee that from now on you will see the Son of Man in the honored position—the one next to GOD the FATHER on the heavenly throne. HE will be coming on the clouds of heaven” Mt. 26:64. So, let people accuse us of whatever gives them their jolly’s. Know that our big brother JESUS is our Mediator and all those accusations are being thrown out of heaven.

Matthew 27:37; Mrk. 15:26; Revelation 12:10


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