Go When And Where JESUS Send Us

Acts 10:20-21, 23, 28-29

All of us have places that we either do not want to go to or refuse to go to for various reasons. For the believing CHRISTian, we do not want to go, and we choose not to go into any place where we either know that or can see that the hand of the enemy is there. However, when we take this stand, we must do so on solid ground rather than shaky. This is what I mean by that statement. We say that we do not want to visit places where drinking, orgies, drugs, and profanity exist, but we will gladly visit lost family members and friends who live this type of lifestyle. We must be careful about what comes out of our mouths. I know that many of us never considered that thought about visiting family and friends versus visiting sin-filled clubs, going to sin-filled parties [not all clubs and parties are themed in sin], and such. I wrote that in the vernacular of our present day. But read Acts 10:10-29 to view how Peter felt about things that in his Jewish beliefs and following the laws of Moses could have caused him to miss out on the blessings of GOD.

Before I go any further in the writing, I am not encouraging any of us to indulge in the laws of our flesh. Nor are we to tempt our flesh if certain things still can provide a craving to indulge until we come to the full realization that we are free in CHRIST JESUS from everything that once held us captive. But we are to always know that because we are surrounded by darkness and their activities that because of the Holy Spirit living within us that Greater is He that is in us than he that is with them [in the world]. Also, we are never to tempt or must make a show by proving who we are in the blessings of GOD as heathens edge us to do, Mt. 4:7.

Now, here is the basis of the focus scriptures. When we hear the voice of GOD telling us to go then we are to go. Doubting nothing. Yes, I know that HE may tell us to go to people or places that we would never consider visiting. But go doubting nothing. JESUS does the telling of where we are to go and to whom we are to speak with, we do the listening and are obedient to follow HIS plans for us. Take notice of these two scriptures, JESUS told Jonah to go, see what happened. Paul had a desire to go but was kept from going by the Holy Spirit, see what happened.

  • Jonah 1:2-17 and Acts 16:6-10

In both scenarios, we see excellent endings or excellent results. One took the path of most resistant and the other least resistant. Peter [as are we] had to face being directed by JESUS to go to people and places that in his words are common and, in our words, [@#$%^&*]. When JESUS laid HIMself on the cross, HE did not do that for a select few, HE did so for every human on planet earth. We may encounter loiterers in places of business or residency and when JESUS directs us to go and speak then without a doubt go and speak. HE will give us the words that we are to speak to those individuals either before we go, as we go, or once we have arrived at our destination. We are to rely on JESUS, not doubt JESUS.

Our obedience will always be an action our disobedience will always be inactive. In our obedience we will come to find out why JESUS sent us to go, this will provide us with the questions that we often are asking “why”. When we are obedient to the will of the FATHER then we will experience the blessings of the why that come from doing HIS will over our own due to lack of understanding or plain rebellion.

For many followers of CHRIST JESUS, they are so religiously indoctrinated that they miss out just as Peter would have done had he rebelled against the desire of JESUS for his own beliefs brought on by his customs of being Jewish and his knowledge of the Law of Moses. What is holding you back based on the religious denomination, activities, customs, rituals, and traditions? Do you see people with the same eyes as JESUS or do you still see people as common [everyday, familiar, general, ordinary, routine, usual, vulgar]?

Yes, sinners are indeed common but that is only because they are lost, bound by sin just as you were. Thank the LORD GOD that someone was obedient and came to you. We all were once unclean and are only clean by the washing in the blood of JESUS. We must go without doubt or objection.

Go without doubt or objection to whomever and wherever JESUS asks of you. It is not about you but JESUS always.


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