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December 12, 2020

Provisions in Wisdom are left as an inheritance – Ecclesiastes 2:21, 26

We are continuing with the wisest man ever to live, born of man and woman, King Solomon. Remember, King Solomon asked for wisdom and he received the Spirit of Wisdom along with those things that he did not request from GOD because GOD is a GOD who not only gives to us those things that we ask for from a pure heart but extra. After all, HE is an abundant giving GOD. There are many good things that we can learn from King Solomon that were relevant when he said them and they are relevant today. And, we can see why mankind will never be given that much wisdom at onetime ever again though we, once we receive the Spirit of Wisdom will have the full measure just as King Solomon had. Mankind cannot handle that much wisdom at once.

Here is the observation that King Solomon has handed down to us all. Humankind may have all the knowledge, skill, and wisdom working for us. The fruit of our labors which are but not limited to can be wealth, a beautiful home, fancy car, clothes, and such. And yet, once we die the person or people who did not work for any of what once belonged to us will be taken by them.

The children of the Living GOD will receive from their FATHER GOD joy, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom which are parts of our vital force and the spirit of intelligence. Our FATHER gives us skillful wisdom, HE speaks and we listen to HIS knowledge and understanding. Unlike people, because GOD is not a man, HE will not give to us, then regret that which HE gave to us, and then take what HE gave to us back to HIMself. Every person born of man and woman lacks wisdom and we all need to ask GOD for HIS wisdom. We face various circumstances and must make decisions daily, this is why it is relevant for us to allow the Spirit of Wisdom to guide us through our life. Anything that we ask the FATHER for with pure motives will be given and we will also receive in abundance things that we did not ask HIM for as well. 

And, here is another awesome thing that our GOD will do on our behalf. Before I share this with you I want us to understand why we have no need to be envious of those who have and we seem to be the have nots. As long as we are children of the Living GOD and we ask HIM for what we will like to do or have and our request is made from a pure heart, be patient because those things that we desire just may be coming together for us by the hands of sinners, the children of satan and they are unaware that they are working on our behalf. Sinners are given the work of collecting and gathering, they work, they collect what they think is for them and they gather what they believe is for their enjoyment and it is only for a short season. Eventually, all of what they have collected and gathered comes to the children of the Most-High GOD. Sinners may heap up their wealth like dust, have piles of clothes some of which still have tags on them or custom made and still not worn, this is because this was not collected and gathered for the sinner but for the children of GOD. The wealth is divided and the clothes are worn by those who are righteous in the sight of GOD. So, go on and continue to increase in wealth with your excessive interest that has nothing to do with helping others to live better by way of clothing, education, employment, food, shelter, and transportation. You are only collecting and gathering for those who are poor and in need because everything that you have worked for is taken away from you. Everything that you thought to be important was pure vanity.

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