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December 16, 2020

Wisdom will bring success – Ecclesiastes 10:10

Break records with Home Run Hits consistently because of our reliance on Wisdom for Success. SdB/AMFBeM (TM)

I believe that every human desire to be a success. But do we want to be a success or a success story? Success is twofold; on one hand, we can obtain superficial success without being born-again believers in CHRIST JESUS, and on the other hand, we can obtain the long-lasting success that endures throughout eternity because we are the children of the Most-High GOD with the Spirit of Wisdom within us. 

Have you heard this saying: “work smarter not harder?” If you have and I am sure that you have or will if you live long enough, it is the worldly paraphrase of the scripture “if the ax is dull, and is not sharpened, then more strength must be used”. 

People who are led by Wisdom will follow to the tiniest detail what must be done in the effort of working smarter which will bring about in us success. Those who do not sharpen their ax, whatever the ax maybe, work harder and longer and find themselves stressed and tired.

Wisdom makes all things easier to obtain! Even I am guilty of not following the guidelines sometimes to get what I need to be a success in those things I desire. And because so, it is taking me longer to get and enjoy those things that I should be a success with. It is vitally important that not only me but you as well must rely on Wisdom to gain the success that we want in our lifetime so that we may enjoy what it is that we want.

Invite wisdom into your dreams, employment, goals, home, relationships, school, and visions. Think and step out in faith the incredible and watch GOD do the impossible.

Ask GOD for HIS Wisdom and in getting it will be that by your great wisdom in the operation of our trade or trades we will increase with riches and power because of the wealth we will begin to have, but in all of this do not allow yourself to become arrogant, and conceited by the spirit of pride. Be a willing vessel to help others achieve as we have.

We have concluded our series on Wisdom. Hope that you all have gleaned or will glean something from this series. 

We will return in January 2021, GOD willing!

AMFBeM (™)  

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