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July 31, 2020


The Holy Spirit and His Wisdom-Acts 6:3

Everyone who is in leadership, not necessarily those of us who are leaders in ministry. But anyone who is employed having your own business, those who have high executive positions, those who are middle management, those who are the head of their household, those who have within their DNA the alpha personalities, and to anyone else that I may have overlooked. If you are a natural-born leader or one who leads by being put into place due to promotion or necessity and you are void of GOD’s Wisdom those who follow you have been made miserable. Yet, those who are natural-born leaders or one who leads and hears the voice of the Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit you will lead according to the direction, guidance, and leadership of His will. Looking for, asking of, and following the direction of the Holy Ghost and His wisdom and getting understanding will never cause us to fail.

Just as those who are not in constant leadership and those who un-admittedly are natural-born followers of what others do and say, must look for people who have good reputations. Dear brethren [female or male] if you are a follower but have not recognized that this is who you are, or if you are an assigned leader or an alpha leader hopefully you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. For anyone who is a follower rather than leaders and for leaders who lead rather than follow it is imperative for you all to look for people who have good reputations and hopefully full with the abundance overflowing within the Holy Spirit. People void of the Holy Spirit are void of the Spirit of Wisdom because wisdom comes from above, wisdom belongs to FATHER GOD. Pseudo wisdom/earthly comes from experience and learning, this type of wisdom has to be readjusted depending on who we speak with, and what we are trying to accomplish. The Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit will not provide anxiety, stress, or worry for the things that must be done in our lives regardless of our careers, profession, studies, employment, volunteering, or home life. Leaders when looking for anyone to assist us in matters that we either need to learn, obtain clarity, or focus on look for people who are around us first, looking and listening for the type of reputation of those we may want to or need to spend quality time around. Those who possess good reputations are people who abstain from foolish things, they have good characters and integrity. So, when those who have a good reputation are filled with the Holy Spirit and operate in His Wisdom they have clarity of understanding and are exceptional and well respected.  Not because of their abilities but rather the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom. Leaders and followers alike should not spend quality time with anyone who does not possess a good reputation or void of having thoughts that are not well among the people who know them. People who lack a good reputation always will fall into the devil’s trap.

What should we all look for in people to be of our assistance, helping us to become better people in CHRIST JESUS full of the Holy Ghost? Look for the following: (1) People who are worthy of respect because we or other people have heard of their good reputation, people speak well of them. (2) There is honor attached to people who have a good reputation. (3) They have good financial credit which means that they adhere to keep the promise of paying for all debts owed on-time or before time, they are people who respect the time and are timely. (4) The report of their character is good. (5) People with good reputations are not two-faced, do not have hidden negative motives, they are transparent of not only who they are but how they can be of help to those that ask or better yet, seeing what needs attention and will move forward to get that thing done without being asked by others. (6) People of good reputations, full of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Wisdom do not struggle with intoxicating addictions [anything and all things which causes an overflow of our natural happy hormones which GOD has given to us all. We have and they are called dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which are our neurotransmitters which cause us to be calm and happy located in the brain].

People need people to help us in our way of life, to help us in our endeavors, and to express and share positivity with. This is only one of the reasons why GOD said “it is not good for mankind to be alone”. People need people but that does not mean that we are to surround ourselves with people whose reputation among other people is shot/degrading. When a multitude of people have nothing good to say about a person’s character and integrity those are the people that we are to still love but love them from afar. When looking for people who possess good reputations we are to look for people who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of themselves first but even if they have good reputations yet void of the Holy Ghost understand the following:

  •  like begets like/like fathers like
  • birds of a feather flock together/pigeons stay with pigeons
  • iron sharpens iron/people with good reputations challenge one another, coach one another, encourage one another, question one another, and helpful in showing another the error that they are making and will assist in getting the person back on the right road without judgment but through love.

As I close out this article remember this, we want to have a good reputation before people, and we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom.


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