GOD is…



Everywhere, HE sees every little thing that we do and for those of you who think that it is only the little things HE also sees the big things. Now that covers all things. Yes, it also includes those things that are in our thoughts, and in our heart. Do you know the identity of the I AM? Do you know the identity of the I am? Comes across as redundant huh? But it is not because I AM is GOD and I am is you.

I will not write to you as to who the I AM is because you are the one who will have to identify HIM to yourself. However, many of you identify yourself as; I am anxious, awesome, beautiful, blessed, broken, capable, depressed, disrespected, healed, hopeful, hopeless, pretty, recovering [from whatever], respectful, sick, sinful (sinner saved by grace), thoughtful, ugly, and the list can go on and on.

How do you think that GOD assesses you? Your answer may be linked to your relationship with HIM. Are you defined by who GOD desires to develop you to be?

Exodus 3:14  “I AM Who I AM.” [nkjv].  I Will Be Who I Will Be [amp].


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