The Lame


When or if we think of people being lame it’s usually focused on a person who has injured limbs be, they crippled or disabled. Another way that we look at what we consider lame is when people offer up excuses for what or why something was done or not. But I will like for us to stretch out a wee bit more and look at our self this will be a self-examination to check if our spirit is lame.

When we are not Born-Again believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are lame in our spirit because our spirit is laying within us dormant, it is crippled and disabled, unsound, impaired and void of strength. We are actually hobbling through our life rather than living the life of an overcomer with victory and being led by the Holy Spirit.

Just as the beggar who was once lame in his limbs was healed, we too are healed within when we take the free gift that CHRIST JESUS has for us. Non-believers walk by the church building as well as the church which is the body of CHRIST JESUS within our bodies HIS temple. But the faith that Peter and John had is more often not activated within us when we see those who are lame physically and spiritually. When we see anyone, who is standing outside the building of the church that is lame physically and or spiritually but will not come in, it is our duty to represent and show that person that we are the church, the body of CHRIST JESUS, not the building made with brick and mortar and offer to them what we have which is CHRIST within us. People who are lame physically could have been born this way or became this way due to an injury that was diagnosed medically as permanent or temporary. But everyone is born lame spiritually. And a person’s spirit will remain lame until they believe and receive the free gift of CHRIST JESUS. People who are lame are always in the position of looking for something to fill the void they have. And most often people try to fill their void with alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, hurting others, overspending, building a wall surrounding their heart with being indifferent to others, also, people look for answers to fill their void through religions which are cultic and spurious. In the name of CHRIST JESUS of Nazareth, we should command that those who are lame rise up in CHRIST JESUS and to no longer rise up in self or those things that we believe that we need which is a lie all because we believed in the lie of that which is indulgent to us. When we offer CHRIST JESUS, we are offering a hand up to them and not so much a handout. Those who take the free gift will begin to praise GOD immediately and if not, outwardly definitely they will be jumping and leaping inwardly because for the first time they have been strengthened. But often when we witness to people, we just leave them and a baby without someone to care and love for them will become wild and unknowledgeable of who they are. So, not only invite the people into the church building but take them into the church building regardless of how they are dressed or smell. We need to get the babies in CHRIST JESUS to walk around in their newness of life. We are all walking testimonies and the more mature we become in CHRIST JESUS the more people will and is looking at us with amazement because they knew our onetime condition.

Our response should always be the understanding in the full promises that belong to us, which is the power of the name of JESUS that caused the transformation within the life of ourselves and anyone who believes. It is the power of the name of JESUS that gives us power. It is faith in the name of JESUS that makes us all well so others will be able to see. The fact is that our onetime life of being lame was due to our ignorance of CHRIST JESUS. And for some believers in CHRIST JESUS, the ignorance of GOD’s nature is still present.

Most of us are familiar with the scripture regarding Moses and the rock for providing water. But did you know that JESUS was present during this time? Well let’s take a look Ex.17:1-7; without CHRIST in our heart we are all wandering along in the “Wilderness of Sin” and while we are looking for support (the meaning of Rephidim) we are without water. And when we notice that we are lacking something that is missing we tend to find fault with others and blame them for our situation. It is not the non-believers in CHRIST that try the patience of our LORD it is the believers that do this on the daily. How you may be asking? By continually looking to people, places and things to supply for needs that we have. Also, with our complaining, griping, mumbling, asking for forgiveness each time we unwillingly/willingly sin, continually asking to be blessed, and not believing that the total works of JESUS were completely fulfilled concerning us on that cross. The LORD told Moses that HE will stand before him which means that JESUS was standing on the mountain, HIS presence was there with authority and power. Are you at Mt. Horeb the place of dried up ground? Do you recognize that JESUS is standing before you in HIS authority and power? The answer is a whopping no because I am a witness to hearing and seeing Born-Again CHRISTians strike the rock/mountain which is actually crucifying JESUS all over again; this is putting JESUS to the suffering that HE once went through for us again. [We will see the revelation of this later.] When Moses hit the rock, which is what he was supposed to do, water flowed, and the people drank. This is proof that CHRIST JESUS wants us to be refreshed. It is time that we come out of Meribah, the place of complaining and contention having foolish lips and being in struggles and strife. Now back to Acts 3. Understand this, the fullness of GOD’s grace for and on us, just like anything that is new to us it takes us a moment to completely understand what we are involved in or with. Most CHRISTians misunderstand what Peter had said when he said, “repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the LORD.” In today’s language what Peter said is this, “change your mind about being sinners, become sons of the Living GOD and your sins, condemnation and guilt will be erased, you will be refreshed because of the presence of the LORD living within you.” That comes across like the water flowing that we saw in Ex. 17. It is when we have come to the LORD that we become spiritually strengthened rather than remaining spiritually lame. Now to explain how we are striking the rock/mountain, again and again, all because we don’t fully know the nature of our FATHER and the nature of CHRIST JESUS as well as who we are in them. Go to Numb. 20:1-12; here we will take notice that after all had gone pleasingly well for the Israelites, they found another reason to blame, complain, gripe, and mumble. Same situation different place. Instead of blaming and complaining; instead of nursing, rehearsing and cursing your situation we need to fall on our face before the LORD and get HIS help. We will know that we have HIS help when HIS glory is upon us. Actually, we have HIS help because HIS glory is supposed to be within us. We need to get out of the lame habit of speaking to others who can’t or won’t help us and speak to the Rock, CHRIST JESUS. Stop causing JESUS to go through the suffering and the crucifixion again and again through what you believe, say and do. Stop, striking the Rock as Moses did, he was told to speak to the rock but in his anger and frustration being caught up in his emotions, he hit the rock/mountain which is the representation of JESUS going through the suffering and crucifixion again and again. Cease being a rebel. Know that though we mess up if we have been washed in the blood of JESUS and HE is within us and we are within HIM that our mishaps are not held against us. But this does not mean that we are to just do what we want to do in willful sinfulness. Just as JESUS gave the Israelites water in all their rebellion and after Moses did a very bad thing because he was in his emotions/his feelings/his flesh, JESUS still supplied the needs of the people not adequately but abundantly. Why do we not believe that HE is doing that for us as well? Some earthly fathers give greatly to their own kids even though their kids get on their nerves being so very lame. So, why is it so very difficult for us to believe that our heavenly FATHER gave us HIS very best gift and that is HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS who continually gives in the areas that we have a need in? Just as Moses and Aaron did not believe in faith neither do, we, in other words just as Moses and Aaron did not cling to and rely on the LORD, we display that in our faith as well.

Acts 3:2, 5-10, 16-20


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