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October 21, 2020

Show the secrets of Wisdom-Job 11:6-9

Ahh, Bless the LORD GOD because my FATHER has not withheld from me the secrets of HIS Wisdom as HE did in the days of old. For unto the blood-washed in CHRIST JESUS not some of our sins have been forgotten but rather all of our sins have been forgiven as well as forgotten. And to the unwashed, to those who are still dirty and stained in sin, they do not suffer from the fullness of the punishment that they so deserve for in their evil and wicked motives from their unrepentant heart, the Almighty GOD has not dealt with the quilt as HE very well can as HE did in the days of old. HE consistently shows us HIS great mercy. 

To know the secrets of Wisdom do we look for Wisdom in order to gain understanding? Do we know if our LOVING GOD has exposed HIS secrets? Do we know HIS limitations or if HE even has any? 

Well, in answer to these questions we can know them because GOD has revealed to HIS children the answers in HIS Word. And we can find them when we look for them in HIS Word when we sit down and be in intimate conversation with HIM and listen to HIS voice. However, because of our mortal mind, we cannot handle the complete answers to these questions. Even that which has been given to us for our wisdom and understanding is a struggle for some to truly comprehend. Those things exposed as well as hidden are more than double in regards to our knowledge of HIM. We do not even know the fullness of our evil as GOD knows, this is why even in our hidden parts we must come to know the Wisdom of GOD. It burns my biscuits when I hear cop-out prayers that either begin, include or end in this manner; “if I have done anything that is offensive”. Hopefully, none of us set out to be offensive to others but because it is our spirit that is saved and not our flesh, know this that we are offensive to others. This is why we need to know the Wisdom of GOD in our hidden parts, this is why we must surrender our heart to JESUS to enter every locked door within our heart so that HE may clean, deodorize, sanitize, illuminate, and freshen that part of our heart. Because we want HIM to make every part of our heart HIS home, not just some parts.   

The limits of GOD are much too high, for the Word informs us that HIS limits are higher than the heavens. The Almighty GOD is incomprehensible fully to our finite minds. HE is infinite and immense, HIS nature and perfection cannot be fully comprehended as long as our true being is trapped inside of our limited flesh. We do not fully get HIS counsel because HE counsels us all as is required, where we need HIM. We are presumptuous in our judgment believing that we are judging rightly in the name of GOD. Can we discern HIS great providence or censure HIS divine dispensation? When we speak, we speak of things that we should know that we do not fully understand. Even, I, when I minister in writing or verbally must understand that I do not have a 100% clarity of who GOD is because I do not even have a 100% clarity as to who I was outside of JESUS when I was an inmate in and of sin groping around in the darkness. None of us do. GOD’s nature exceeds our capacity now, of our understanding. But the time will come when we will get to know and comprehend the fullness of GOD. In comparison to JESUS, we are poor, weak, short-sided, a worm of the earth that is here today and gone tomorrow. However, because beloved, those of us who are blood-washed are redeemed we must daily look for more of who HE is and HE will continually reveal HIMself to us and even with as much as we will come to know of HIM, there is still so much more about HIM that is still concealed. We do not have enough numbers in our lifetime to come to know the fullness of who GOD is. Yet, it is absolutely wonderful that HE wants us to get to know who HE is and HE is willing to expose HIMself to us, that is as much as HE knows that we are able to handle at a time.

The Living GOD is far more superior than mankind or any idol mankind erects. Think about this, only those who do not know HIM will find a reason to complain about HIM. Many may be saying, LORD LORD, yet, have no knowledge of HIM and likewise, HE does not know you either. What this actually means is that HE does not consider you family and friend, there is no intimacy between the two of you. The Living GOD is exalted and those who do not know HIM cannot understand that there are no numbers of HIM, meaning there is no beginning and there is no ending to HIM. We cannot place a diving purpose into ourselves let alone place our purpose into the Almighty GOD. GOD has placed a divine purpose a hardwiring within us, that longing that we all have for GOD that can only be filled by GOD. But some of us look for HIM in the wrong direction and with the wrong organ. WE are to look for HIM with our hearts and eyes, not our mind and eyes. GOD is not to be searched for philosophically out from the knowledge of mankind, this is why HE cannot be comprehended or grasped. GOD’s plan for us has a beginning and an ending which HE purposed and placed into us in the beginning and will continue to the end.

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