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October 26, 2020

What is Wisdom-Job 28:27-28

The FATHER saw Wisdom.

There are two parts to wisdom, one being hidden and secret which we will not obtain because that does not belong to mankind. And the other is made known to us and He is the Holy Spirit. The FATHER has revealed to us HIS Wisdom by way of the Holy Spirit which was promised to us by CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit can when we allow Him to do so to direct our affairs and events because He can see entirely and judge correctly in the way we are to go. Understand that GOD’s Wisdom through HIS Holy Spirit will only do us well.

The FATHER has made it very clear about the attribute of wisdom and it’s worth with us. The type of wisdom that mankind requires from the FATHER has been prepared, searched, tested, and set up for our needs. After wisdom had been completed, the FATHER said to mankind that we are to fix {pay attention, observe, look on} our eyes with wisdom to fear {highly regard, highly respect, highly revere} the LORD GOD. In this, we can see that mankind is far from having regard for GOD, that there is no respect for HIM, and that reverence toward HIM is absent. I do not care about all the tattoos, necklaces, clothing, bumper stickers, and you’re saying that you love GOD. Because when your lifestyle does not match up with the love that you say you have for GOD what you are truly saying is that you love god [self, objects, satan your father].

And because of mankind’s lack of wisdom towards the FATHER, we see how mankind runs toward evil rather than departing [leaving, run/walk away from, shun, turn away] evil. Mankind does not have the understanding to be wise in the FATHER because of our sinful nature before we come to CHRIST JESUS. The absolute essential prerequisite which is the first and foremost thing that we are to do is to fear the LORD our GOD with high regard, respect, and reverence, for this is wisdom. And just because we have been born-again through CHRIST JESUS does not necessarily mean unfortunately that we all acknowledge the possession of a teachable heart. Remember, in CHRIST JESUS nothing is lacking or missing, however, we must desire to have a teachable spirit and heart to gain some common sense and understanding. This will begin to prove not only to ourselves but to others that we are possessed by the LORD JESUS. For HIS praise not ours but HIS praise is what will stand forever.

So, now when we begin to truly have high regard, respect, and reverence for our LORD and we do what is preeminent, the essence and starting point which is to worship HIM what then is it called when people do not worship GOD out of reverence, respect, and regard which must be located in the heart? The answer is that they are arrogant fools who despise discipline, instruction, and wisdom. 

To truly gain the knowledge that we are starving for is to have high regard, respect, and reverence of our LORD GOD, Most-High. Then we will have through CHRIST JESUS understanding and spiritual insight of wisdom. 

Now, to bring this home, to tie this all up with a bow, here is what being human is all about. Having Regard, Respect, and Reverence for the LORD GOD MOST-HIGH. Keep the commandment given to us by CHRIST JESUS. For the LORD GOD is ALMIGHTY.

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