Grace: JESUS is The Word of Life

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John 1:14, 16-17 (Amp., GNT., ICB., MSG., NKJV.)

When thinking of or about grace do, we think of grace as a person, or do we think of grace as a thing? I will let each of you dear readers answer that for yourselves.

Grace is a person and HIS name is JESUS. Grace is The CHRIST, The MESSIAH, The LORD, The Word / The Word of the Living GOD, The Truth.

Grace became flesh, human, incarnate, and HE lived among us humans, HE was a part of the community and the neighborhood. Those humans who were alive to see JESUS in the flesh got to see HIS majesty, HIS glory, HIS splendor which HE could have only gotten from HIS FATHER because HE is our FATHER’s Only Begotten (bring forward, offspring) SON. JESUS is full of favor, grace, loving-kindness, and truth. Like FATHER like SON. As the FATHER is generous inside out so is JESUS from beginning to end.  

And it is out of the fullness of HIS grace that we are abundantly blessed with grace after grace and spiritual blessings after spiritual blessings. Imagine being at the beach and viewing the waves of the ocean, how they come in incredibly large and how they come in small. Imagine a rock mountain being right on the shoreline of that ocean and how those waves climb ever so high beating against that mountain as it covers whatever it comes in contact with or imagines those that we view surfing and how we see sometimes how the waves overtake the surfer and knock the surfer down. This is how grace is with us. We do not get eye droplets or grace this hour and nothing the next, grace today and nothing tomorrow. No, grace blesses us plentifully; in great quantity; fully sufficient; abundant in supply; abounding; having great quantity, and overflowing. We have seen how when a sports team wins a game how they dump the water barrel over the head of their coach, well this is how our gift of grace, of favor, is heaped upon our heads and drenching us down to our feet.

I am not knocking the Law which was given to Moses and through Moses has been given to us. But the Law in its perfection does not create perfection within us. The Law will tell us what to do but will not demonstrate or teach us how to live according to the Law. This is why the Law which has been written on stone brings about death to us. (Gal. 3:10) But Grace, however, is our most magnificent example, HE not only tells and teaches, HE demonstrated just how we may obey the Law of Moses without having to exert our emotional, mental, and physicality do so.  

One of these days when JESUS cracks the sky in HIS glorious and triumphant return to gather HIS bride, the church, (those who believed in HIM even in death/sleep) those that will rise to be in the air with HIM and those who will be left behind will get to see HIS Glory which will be revealed at the same time, no one will miss this.

We will all see that CHRIST JESUS Is the Great I AM. That HE alone is The LORD our GOD. That there should have been no other gods before HIM in our lives. That we should not have made anything or anyone our idol. That we should have never bowed down or served them with our heart, mind, and strength. For we were ignorant to the fact that the LORD our GOD is a jealous GOD and that before HE sent HIS Only Begotten SON to save us from sin, death, hell, and the lake of fire that HE punished us for our iniquity up to four generations. Thank YOU, JESUS, for the rescue by YOUR Grace. We are to be at continual rest in CHRIST JESUS because of the grace that we are receiving.

We are so blessed to receive HIS abundance of grace and mercy not only to those of us who love HIM but also to those who do not. We should respect the name of the LORD but I think because of our lack of understanding and ignorance of taking the LORD GOD’s name in vain many do not have the respect as they think they are giving to HIM. What that means is to not act; believe; speak or think of the name of GOD which is JESUS to be deceitful; empty; false; fruitless; having no importance, substance, or value; inconstant; ineffectual; unreal; unsatisfying, and worthless. This is how the world in all its sin sees GOD [JESUS].

The world needs to see and hear from the body of CHRIST about how we are all living from HIS generosity bountifully in HIS gift after gift after gift continuously. Grace upon grace.



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