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November 13, 2020

Your plans cannot defeat GOD’s Wisdom – Proverbs 21:30

Dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS I encourage you to renew your mind. I encourage you to stop focussing on yourself with the cares of how people see you and begin to see yourself as GOD your FATHER sees you. Why am I beginning this article in this manner? Because I want you all to know that we are in the best company ever. Huh? What do I mean that we are in the best company ever? Remember or did you know that JESUS in HIS human form was spoken about negatively and HE still is by some, those who are ignorant that is, these people are just foolish in their hearts because it is darkened by sin. Remember or did you know that JESUS was not believed by some of those that saw firsthand what HE did in the lives of others as well as heard HIM speak? And, remember or did you know that some plotted against HIM believing that they will show themselves victorious if they could only just get rid of HIM? Well, what these people did not realize is that JESUS was well aware of all their plots nothing mankind does surprise HIM, it is impossible to catch JESUS off guard or unaware. What the people did not realize that the FATHER well orchestrated all of their plots and that humankind could not put their hands on JESUS before the proper time or unless JESUS wanted them to touch him violently. Everything JESUS did and does is for HIS reasoning which works out for our good.

No person can give advice, wisdom, or understanding that will cause victory against the LORD our GOD. So, if mankind cannot succeed against the LORD JESUS why do we concede to defeat due to the pressures of life? Welcome pressure because it is the pressure that wine comes from the grapes so that we can have a refreshing glass of grape juice. The pressure of the grapes is meeting their purpose. We do not want pressure but it is when we are pressured that the making of us appears.

So, let people come against us verbally, let them plot against us because their negative words against us and their evil plots against us will come to nothing, what they say against us cannot stand because the LORD our GOD is with us.

Okay, now that I have encouraged you hopefully, learn this lesson regarding our plans. There is nothing wrong with making plans just make room for the shift should the Holy Spirit prefer that we go about those plans from a different avenue. Also, do not be so determined to cause the plans that we make by ignoring the direction that the Holy Spirit will offer to us as being far better. When we ignore the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are telling Him that we know better than He does. 

And when we do this it is our outward demonstration of what is within us, that spirit called the arrogance of pride. None of our accomplishments are totally down to us and those that have been a help to us, who we are to recognize above all is GOD in providing us with HIS help. So, if we are going to brag about our victories do not brag in the reliance on what knowledge we have, do not brag about what we have accomplished, and do not brag about how much wealth we have. When we have been brought forward in recognition of the success that we and or our team have accomplished never dismiss GOD’s glory in this. Brag about the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit in what they have done to make this possible, in doing so you are demonstrating the understanding of knowing HIM. You have the understanding that the LORD GOD with HIS Holy Spirit in JESUS acts on our behalf with loving kindness, justice, and righteousness and HE delights in giving to us HIS provisions of everything that we ask for and for those things that we do not ask for.

When we do what originates with GOD, no one can stop us. In essence, those who try it will come to nothing and they do not realize that they are coming against GOD not us. 

So, back to what has been written at the beginning of this article, the wisdom of people without the direction of the Holy Spirit is absurd, foolish, nonsense, and stupid as far as GOD is concerned. Recall this to our remembrance if we forget everything else written here; do not be caught by GOD in the stealing of HIS glory and HE traps us in our cleverness because the LORD our GOD knows that our own devices and thoughts are worthless.

AMFBeM (™)

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