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November 12, 2020

Wisdom cannot be purchased – Proverbs 17:16

The more I learn at the feet of JESUS the more I find a reason to chuckle at things I had done due to my lack of understanding and at the things that I see others do due to their lack of understanding as well. None of us are in this alone. We all share some of the same shortcomings as others. 

I like books that are in the genre of the so-called self-help section of book stores and libraries. These books can be a help to us but when we either borrow these types of books from the library or make a purchase to add to our library. Do so knowing that we do not have the ability to self-help ourselves, if we did we would not need JESUS.

Wisdom belongs to GOD and Wisdom is the offered gift given to us that the FATHER desires for all of HIS children to have. People who rely on self-help books to offer suggestions on how to apply this or that so that we can obtain the same results is a hit and miss call. Not everyone who has sunk thousands of dollars into the purchase of self-help books has succeeded in their endeavors. What works for one may not necessarily work for us.

We want the wisdom to gain insight for that which we desire yet there is no heart for Wisdom. There are two types of wisdom.

  1. Wisdom – worldly. Gained from experience, instruction, teaching, and reading.
  2. Wisdom – Spiritual. Gained from sitting at the feet of JESUS. Having the Holy Spirit residing within our heart, relying on His guidance, His leadership, His instructions, and His word. 

Now, we can house the Holy Spirit and still read self-help books but we must not give over our total reliance on those self-help books. I look at books as tools that I can use to get a wee bit of insight from those that I most likely will not have the opportunity to sit with and ask questions as to how to get where they are because none of us have a unique desire. I love to write but there are numerous writers, you may have a passion for cooking this is why you have numerous cookbooks in your kitchen and so on.

My network is as follows, the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Then self-help books of those that I would like to meet and spend quality time speaking with but I will not give up just because I cannot get next to those who have become a success as I too will like to become.

So be not foolish when borrowing or buying a self-help book, do not even be foolish when paying for education although I am not promoting that we do not get a higher education. If this is what we desire do so because the education is for us and hopefully with the education we will be able to assist others.

What I am trying to steer us clear of is the belief that because we have obtained an education because we pay for the privilege of being coached. After obtaining a grand library of self-help books, or you depend on the words spoken by OW do not be fooled because it does the foolish one no good to buy wisdom. Common sense is not common and we must desire to have a heart for Wisdom so that we may have the ability to truly become wise. 

AMFBeM (™)

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