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JESUS Came To All People

GOD clothed HIMself in flesh and came to the people that HE created, and as it was so then it is now, HE came to people and they should have received HIM but they did not recognize HIM.

Think back to the time when we were not saved, without CHRIST some truly stupid things were done, thought of, and said. Maybe, some of us were told about JESUS in various ways and we still did not recognize HIM. It took years rather than seconds before HE was recognized. Thank GOD that the time did come where recognition of JESUS did come to our eyes, ears, heart, and mind. We all began to receive JESUS as a favorite relative or friend that we have not seen or spoken with in decades.

Bless the LORD GOD that we are no longer a part of those who will be judged on these bases: The Light which is JESUS came into this world but some people prefer the dark rather than the light. Sinners are drawn to the darkness some of the most abased things that they take part in are done in the dark, they do not want people who do not participate in the same antics that they are up to, to be known by all. If just a pinhole of light shines upon their wickedness, they will lie about what has become knowledge among some people and will try to do a better job of concealing their evil antics. Sinners hate the Light of JESUS and they think that GOD does not know or see what is in their hearts and what they are doing so they try to hide because true light which is the Light of JESUS will expose fully the sinners’ life.

JESUS said that HE did not want praise from mankind, yet, that is what we do because HE is deserving of our praise. I believe that what JESUS was saying and you do not have to agree with me on this point. Is that HE does not take HIS glory from humans, or our approval of who HE is. This is not anything that HE desires for HIM to believe in HIMself. However, this is what we need as humans, we crave approval from our parents first, then other family members, our peers, teachers, then employers. Now, with social media being what it is, we are looking for approval there as well. By how many followers, friends, likes/loves/cares, or whatever the emoji of choice is. Humans are not looking for the approval of their Creator they want approval from GOD’s creation over HIS. This is just a fact and if you are feeling uncomfortable maybe you see yourself in this soup of misfits. But we can change, when we learn to not care how we are viewed by people when we are following what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do and say all in love and not out of arrogance, anger, hatred, or pride. Obedience to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is key to everything.

I hear people CHRISTians, non-believers, and religious people say this cop-out phrase all the time “GOD knows my heart”. These are true words that are being spoken, problem is that HE does know the heart better than we know our own. HE never looks at our outward appearance because that is not where we are, that is not who we are. HE looks at the heart [our mind and motives]. We can say what we want to say, it does not mean that what we are saying though it may sound nice is what we are keeping at bay in our hearts hoping that how we truly feel will not seep out. If any person has evil motives GOD knows about them even if we can conceal them well from people. I know that I have been fooled many times about the motives of people who treated me well, yet, their heart is full of darkness, they are very wicked people, and if they were to drop dead in the blink of an eye with all that evil residing in their heart they are going straight to hell on an oil slick slide wearing a gasoline suit. Sinners do not have the love of GOD in their hearts, I do not care how religious they are, how pious they make themselves look, it is impossible to have the LOVE of GOD within the heart and not be able to love the unlovable, the unloving, the addicts, the homeless, the sexually immoral, the sick of mind and heart [that is anyone who is void of JESUS]. JESUS never came boasting of HIMself instead HE boasted about the FATHER. JESUS came in the name of the FATHER but HE was not immediately received then or now. But when others come speaking about themselves for example Elijah Mohammed, Louis Farrakhan, Hindu/Spiritualist leaders, Psychics/palm/tarot readers, Crystal gazers, and such people are more prone to listen and believe in what they are spewing from their mouths. People are also proned to believing horoscopes over the Word of GOD not realizing that there is a horror at the end of the scope.

JESUS asked this question and I have found that I too have this question on my heart; “How is it that we are so willing to believe people that do not speak from the heart of the Almighty GOD”? It is because we do not know HIS Word, HIS Word is perfectly pure truth. HIS Word will reveal to us who we truly are without HIM and in HIM. HIS Word will never soothe the ears that itch for acceptance, the approval of sin. This is why we are so proned to believe the lies that humans speak in either their soft tones or their convincing excitement. These liars are telling us what we want to hear. We are attracted to the glory that comes from other people more than we love the glory that comes from the FATHER through JESUS.

But then the day will arrive and has arrived when the true worshippers of the FATHER through CHRIST will worship from a heart that has been circumcised. We have been transformed into a true Jew, we have gone through a radical change our hearts have been laid bare by the power of the Holy Spirit. We no longer care to accept the praise of people that is rooted in fleshly desires but we are chasing after GOD’s glory that HE gives to HIS children lovingly.

John 5:40-44    

Scripture Reference: Jhn 1:11, 3:19, 5:44, 7:18; 1 Thess 2:6; Jhn 12:43; Rom 2:29


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