I had to look up and get the definition to this word because for thirty-nine years I’ve read this word and I understood that it means that which brings together. This is what CHRIST is doing HE is bringing us back to the FATHER. However, the dictionary expounds on the word a wee bit better. The principle stone, the stone which lies between two walls and unites them. Eleven times the word cornerstone is used and from what I’ve read in the Bible nine of the eleven is a reference to JESUS. Let us take a look, shall we?

Have any of us ever wondered just who the builders are that rejected the cornerstone? I know I’ve not, that is not until I began to study about the Cornerstone for my own growth. The builders were King Saul and his courtiers. CHRIST being our Headstone of this wonderful building as we continue to learn or bring to our remembrance will show us the following.

  1. HIS humiliation, HE was rejected by the builders and cut out of the mountain without human hands, Dan. 2:34. HE is the stone that is not only our strength, firmness, and duration but HE is our life in this building of the spiritual temple. The foundation of this gospel church must be. JESUS our Cornerstone was rejected not only by the builders but by the rulers and people of the Jews. They refused to own HIM as the Stone the promised MESSIAH and because of this they refused to build their faith on HIM, they refused to join themselves to HIM, they would make no use of HIM, and they would enter their building/synagogue/local church without HE is still being denied as HE was before Pilate. Does this come across as being familiar today? It should. Countries that have Kings or Queens that rule, are they living and speaking as a testimony that they themselves and they desire their people to follow CHRIST JESUS? My country which is America is ruled by a President and in my lifetime I’m not aware of any of them leading my fellow citizens to CHRIST. Though I’m American I do have a KING. People continue to trample on the Stone, they continue to treat HIM as trash, and HE is constantly being tripped over as we do when there is something in our footpath and we did not see it which causes us to trip up. So, when people disgrace CHRIST it becomes their ruin they are rejected by GOD.
  2. HIS exaltation, CHRIST JESUS is the Chief Cornerstone, HE is advanced to the highest degree both in honor and usefulness to be above all and all in all. HE is the Principle Stone in the foundation by which the Jews and the Gentiles are united to become one holy house. HE is the Headstone by which the building will become complete, HE is the pre-eminence of being the author and finisher of our faith. HIS and our FATHER is the ONE who has exalted HIM because JESUS humbled HIMself so in essence, we must make HIM the foundation of our hope, the center of our unity, and the end of our living. To properly live is to live in CHRIST JESUS.
  3. This is what GOD’s hand is in:
  • This is the LORD’s doing
  • HE is from the LORD
  • The hand of GOD is with the LORD
  • HIS hand is the product of HIS counsel
  • This is what HE contrived

The humiliation and the exaltation of the LORD JESUS were all HIS work. The FATHER sent JESUS, sealed JESUS, and the FATHER’s hand went with JESUS throughout everything that HE had to accomplish in the FATHER’s will and this is to be marvelous in our eyes. CHRIST very name JESUS is Wonderful and HIS redemption brought about the most amazing off all the works GOD had done. So much so that the angels in heaven inquire about this among themselves they admire what was accomplished and will continue to do so throughout all eternity. We should be admiring this what HE has done for us not rejecting HIM. We owe our all to HIM because great is the mystery of godliness.

JESUS is tested and HE is costly, HE is our firm foundation Cornerstone and when we rely on, stick to and trust in HIM we will no longer be ashamed of our past, or run out of fear because we are unaware of a thing or listening to idle chatter that is being known by the media, or by the people we speak with. More times than not we are in fear because we have listened to the experiences of others and that which is being broadcast over the media.

In the scriptures, we will find nine times where JESUS is being rejected and thrown out as rubbish. When we are born into this world if we don’t instill the teachings of CHRIST JESUS our Savior the older the child will get the further away he/she will become from not wanting to hear and will begin to reject CHRIST. Our sinful heart does not want to listen and we don’t have the spirit living within us to crave for HIM. JESUS our Chief Cornerstone is who keeps us together and not falling apart because of this thing called life in the world. The more we listen to the Good News about CHRIST JESUS and the more we find out who we are in HIM we will begin to see just how marvelous CHRIST JESUS really is.

I myself just as Apostle Paul write not just so we can have something to read to pass the time. We have written because it was his and it is my desire that we get our readers to cease from despising and rejecting CHRIST JESUS who is the Chief Cornerstone. Only to us who rely completely on, stick to and trust in by our faith in HIM realize just how precious CHRIST JESUS is to us. But for those who do not believe because they are relying on their own understanding rather than trusting by their faith. This Cornerstone is simply a stumbling block for and to them because they either do not believe or they want to pick and choose what is for them. The Cornerstone causes them to trip and sometimes fall because there are things in the flesh that we love and do not want to conform to what the scripture teaches us. There are things that are within us that we can easily walk away from and there are things in our flesh that are very difficult. For those difficult things that we do and say this is when we go to the FATHER and ask HIM to please deliver us from what it is we either love or have a love-hate relationship with. HE will accomplish our prayer request to HIM through our deliverer CHRIST JESUS.

So, dear ones don’t stop building our faith in CHRIST JESUS our precious Chief Cornerstone who is bringing us closer and closer to the FATHER and HIMself because of HIS faith and our reliance on HIM.

Psalms 118:22-23; Isaiah 28:16; Matthew 21:42; Mrk 12:10; Lk 20:17; Acts 4:11; 1 Ptr 2:7-8





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