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December 2, 2020

The LORD GOD gives Wisdom  – 1 Kings 5:12

In the previous and this current article, the Holy Spirit has been having me share about the Spirit of Wisdom that was given to King Solomon simply because he asked for help from the LORD GOD with a sincere heart. When we ask by faith with a heart of sincerity for those things that we are asking the FATHER for, then after asking we will need to be thankful whether we see the answer quickly or not. The FATHER gave King Solomon the Spirit of Wisdom without being repentant knowing that King Solomon would eventually veer off to the left.

We are to fix our attention, our eyes, our gaze, having the observation of care on the answer, the response, the reply from the FATHER. The promise from the LORD GOD is that HE is a giver, HE gave us the gift of JESUS CHRIST, HE gave to us the gift of Salvation, HE gave us healing and wholeness, HE gives to us HIS Holy Spirit, HE gives to us all the attributes of the Holy Spirit, HE gives to us the ability to live as the overcomers that we are in righteousness, HE gives to us victory because we are winners, and so much more. 

We are representatives of GOD in CHRIST JESUS so whatever we ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS, HE may give that to us. Now, why did I write the word “may”? Because, when we ask the FATHER for that which is desired we need to come to HIM with pure motives as to why we think we need or want something from HIM. Our request should not be about self but rather how we can be a servant to help others and we will find that in our desire to be a help to others, we will be doubled bless with the remnants. So be sure that whatever we ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS that it is from a pure heart and a faithful heart so that whatever we ask for will be given. 

Sometimes, we may have a need to be persistent in our request, this is not the time to lose faith and hope, allowing the enemies to speak to us in our mind that GOD does not want us to have that which we have asked for. No, sometimes just like in the natural we are persistent about those things that we need or want, we may have to be the same exact way about our request to HIM. I think that in those times when we should be persistent and we are not, this may be the perfect demonstration that we really did not need what we were asking for but rather we wanted what we asked for and that our motives for asking were not correct nor was our faith. Remember in the times when we are to be persistent, Mt. 7:7-8, Lk. 11:9-10:

A     S     K

S     E     N

K    E     O

       K     C


Keep praying, never give up, and do not lose heart because we never know how GOD will answer or who GOD will use to provide the answer to us. I love it when ungodly people and disrespectful people are used by GOD to deliver the answers to our prayers, especially those financial ones. Our repetitiveness of coming to the FATHER persistently does not mean that we do not believe that HE is not listening to us, does not see us, is not with us, or could care less about our situation. On the contrary, GOD keeps HIS representatives in the pupil of HIS eyes and we are in the palm of HIS hand, HE will never leave us nor will HE ever abandon us. HIS ears are tuned to each of our voices and what matters we care about that is worth caring about HE too cares about them, because HE does not desire to see us struggling in any area of our life. So, our repetitiveness is driven by our desperation, and our constantly coming to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is a show of our reliance on HIM, Lk. 18:1-8. 

Did you know that when we have the Spirit of Wisdom and allow ourselves to be led, directed, and guided by Him that we are more apt to make peace with our enemies? I often tell my daughter that it is not our business how others treat us but rather it is our business how we treat others. As much as it is possible we must live at peace with everyone, Rom. 12:18. Our dependency to live at peace with others depends on us, how we speak to others, how we treat others, how we help others. Sometimes we may need to just make it up in our minds to form an agreement with ourselves that we are going to treat others better than they treat us.

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