To become ashamed, we must first experience shame which is caused by our guilt of conscience for something that we have done or said. Our conscience becomes confused by our conviction of guilt for the wrong that we have done. Most often our conscience affects us the most when we have broken a law be it GOD’s law regarding morality or the law of the land. Our conscience was activated when Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When our conscience is at peace then we know that we have not done or said anything that goes against GOD’s law or man’s law of the land. Often when we do not step forward our conscience begins to warn us that we will be found out and we will become exposed by the gross errors of our misconduct. Those who are no longer ashamed of their misconduct and no longer is affected by their conscience, GOD has given them over to a debased mind/heart to continue to do those things which are not fitting. Once people who are no longer ashamed of their lifestyle, they will become despicable, reduced in purity, quality, and value that they were meant to be from CHRIST JESUS. It is only because of sin we are not suitable, we have not adapted to the things of GOD JESUS, we are not being prepared for CHRIST JESUS because sin disqualifies us.

But once we come to the call that we hear, once we come to the knowledge of who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done and is doing. We no longer should be ashamed of HIM and who we are in HIM. In fact, we are to be, do and say the very opposite of all that we once did in our past lifestyle of sin and reveal the righteousness within us. No matter what people will have to say about us due to their lack of understanding because they are still wandering around in the darkness of sin. Never be ashamed of the gospel which we have heard because the gospel is what lead us to CHRIST JESUS. The gospel is full of the description of CHRIST JESUS and we are provided with the power of GOD who saved us. All we need do is believe in the Word of GOD because the Word is CHRIST JESUS. Continue to have complete confidence in the salvation that we have received because our salvation is complete, we are not missing anything, and nothing is lacking within us. The shame of sin no longer is sticking to us, so we have nothing in CHRIST JESUS to be ashamed of. When sin tries to re-enter know that we are Teflon, so sin cannot stick to us any longer. In fact, the righteousness that we are coated in is better than Teflon. So, be free from head to toe because you now know that you have no reason to be ashamed any longer because we are no longer sinners but the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Romans 1:16


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