The advantage and benefit to help and serve not only self but others. In the scripture below, it is often misunderstood its intent. Each of us unintentionally or maybe it is intentional hurt one another. Either way, if our conscience bothers us if alarms are going off within it is to direct us to go to the person or people we have offended. Stop gossiping about what others are doing or have done. If we must gossip, gossip about what negative actions we ourselves did towards someone or what negative conversations we ourselves have had that we either began or added too. Maybe in our gossiping about our self, we will hear just how wrong we are being and have been. When we hurt others, it profits no one absolutely no one. Not even you. What good is revenge, it not only harms others but it boomerangs and cause harm to us as well? Admit your fault to the one or to the people you have harmed with your wicked ways. Ask to be forgiven but understand that no one must forgive us but when we ask to be forgiven it snatches us off the hook. Our conscience and heart can be clear of wrongdoing. For those who refuse to forgive us, pray for them to have a change of heart. As well pray that we walk more like CHRIST and less like ourselves. It will be somewhat difficult to admit that we have wronged someone or others, but we must do it. It could have been today, yesterday, last week, last month or years ago. If we are being bothered by what we have said or done we must tell the person or people even if they are unaware of what we think of them, said about them, or have done against them. Ask for forgiveness anyway. We cannot lead someone to be healed if we ourselves are not healed and coming clean about the offense we’ve involved our self in. CHRISTians have the approval of GOD we are righteous in HIM through CHRIST JESUS, so our prayers are effective.

James 5:16


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