Having legal power or the right to act on your own behalf or the behalf of another, and the right to command gently that is. You know how some of you like to power trip. In the judicial system, we are given the authority to share what we have witnessed or know about a person or situation. CHRISTians have the authority to share with others just what CHRIST JESUS has done in our lives; what we have experienced from HIM and how we know HIM intimately.

The authority that we as people have is limited and most of us don’t operate in our authority properly. Some abuse our authority, others don’t realize that we have authority, and some know all the authority that we have and will with confidence operate within the parameters of that authority. JESUS has been given all, complete, and total authority, HE lacks nothing, and nothing is missing in HIS authority. Because HIS FATHER gave HIM the authority that HE has. JESUS has all authority not only in heaven but HE has all authority on earth as well. Daniel had a vision and saw for himself JESUS riding on the clouds, and he acknowledged that HE is the Son of Man (Mary). During the time to Daniel, David had not been born and neither was is descendants of whom JESUS derived all though HE is the Beginning and the End; HE is eternal without beginning or an end. Daniel saw JESUS in HIS humanity coming to HIS glory of being the Ancient of Day which means the unchanging, the eternal, the self-existent One, GOD the I AM that I AM, the covenant-keeping GOD. JESUS has been given all authority, dominion, glory, honor, royal power and a Kingdom. So that all people from every language, nation, province and race (color) will serve HIM only. JESUS dominion is forever and ever, it’s not going anywhere, and HIS Kingdom cannot be destroyed. JESUS has eternal power which cannot be taken away. JESUS authority is everlasting. JESUS is great and is called the SON of the Most High GOD and the LORD GOD has given to JESUS the throne of HIS father (ancestrally) King David. JESUS FATHER has given to HIM everything and if you are a non-believer, if you have not made CHRIST JESUS, LORD of your life than you don’t know JESUS and HE does not know you. It is impossible for you to claim that you know the FATHER without knowing CHRIST JESUS because JESUS reveals the FATHER to those that HE chooses to reveal HIS FATHER to and HE reveals HIM only to HIS children. The FATHER Loves HIS SON and has given to JESUS authority over everything. GOD has made JESUS who had been crucified for the world both the LORD and CHRIST the MESSIAH the Anointed One. In the death of JESUS, HE is the LORD of those who are spiritually dead in the hopes that they will come to HIM when HE calls. And in HIS rising from the dead, HE is LORD of the living in HIM. Those who have accepted the free gift of salvation, those who believe in their heart who CHRIST JESUS is and to those who without shame and willingly confess CHRIST JESUS openly from their mouths. If we are in a true relationship with CHRIST JESUS than we can clearly see that the LORD GOD has given the LORD JESUS all authority and that everything that is negative is beneath HIS feet, HE has HIS feet on the neck of everything satanic. The FATHER is the only ONE who is not under the authority of HIS SON JESUS. The FATHER has a goal and that goal is to bring everything that CHRIST JESUS created together in heaven and earth at the right moment because CHRIST JESUS is the head of everything. CHRIST JESUS is far, far above all satanic and earthly authorities, gods, lords, kings, powers, queens, rulers and all names that can be named or will be named. Therefore, the FATHER has given JESUS the name which is raised to the highest place above anything, why HIS name holds exceptional honor, and why HIS name is exalted above all HIS many names. It is at the very name of JESUS that those in heaven bow their knee. It is at the name of JESUS that those who honor HIM on earth will bow their knee to HIM willingly. But it is in hell that satan, his demons, and people who went there because they did not believe in JESUS, will bow their knee un-willingly to the name of JESUS. The LORD GOD has spoken well to us through HIS SON JESUS who is responsible for creating the universe/world. CHRIST JESUS is no longer a baby in a manger and HE is no longer the full-grown man who was crucified and died on the cross for the world and buried in the tomb. No, JESUS is alive and now is in heaven where HE holds HIS honored position sitting on HIS thrown at the right hand of HIS FATHER, GOD. JESUS has all authority over the angels, powers, and rulers. It does us good to be at complete rest in the authority of CHRIST JESUS.

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