The word awesome inspires awe which in its former use was dreadful fear, especially when used with GOD. Today because of the New Covenant/Testament we have no reason to be in dreadful fear of the Living GOD, but we should be in fear with respect. For example; when we don’t fear fire, we have no respect for what it can do. Fire can either keep us warm, cook our food or destroy us. The Living GOD no longer destroy mankind because of sin because HE gave us a gift in the form of HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. And because of what JESUS did for us we no longer are destroyed by HIM, but we choose to be destroyed by not believing in HIM and receiving HIS gift of salvation which is free to us but cost the FATHER dearly. We are to admire the works of CHRIST JESUS; become amazed at the daily expectation of what HE is doing in our lives and express amazement of not only who HE is to us but what we are in HIM. When reading the Word of GOD, we should be filled with the wonderment of how the heart of the people who knew not the Living GOD and for those who do can be seen in our today? We have so many illustrations that surely, we can find at least one example that fit our profile if we will only look.

The LORD GOD is the One Holy GOD and we should praise HIS awesome name rather than blaspheme, curse or use it for profanity.

We are not alone because CHRIST JESUS has informed us that HE will never leave us, nor will HE forsake us which means that HE will never leave us. CHRIST JESUS is the Mighty Awesome One. JESUS is not against us rather HE is on our side.

The LORD JESUS is the great and awesome GOD; HE keeps HIS covenant promises even when we break our promise to HIM. HE reveals HIS mercy towards us and HE does not do so based on the condition that if we do, HE will do. CHRIST JESUS loves us even when we did not or do not love HIM.

This is only a small fraction as to why HE is the Almighty Awesome One.

Psalm 99:3; Jeremiah 20:11; Daniel 9:4; Ex. 20:6


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