Father Relaxing with Son

Many times the Bible is read and we come across words that we are unfamiliar with. Especially for those who will only read a language that is from the fifteenth century. I know when I began to read the Bible I too began my journey using a Bible with very old English words but because the Holy Spirit was teaching me and my sister, we never had difficulty understanding any of the words that were on the page. I bring this up because I am still hearing many people complain that they have tried to read the Bible but it’s much too difficult to comprehend. These are the two reasons that come to mind, most begin reading the Old Testament which teaches the legality of anger, being unmerciful, conditions, law, and war, these are the things which trip us up because this is what is magnified in our understanding. The Old Testament also shows forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy but we cannot see this. So, often the reader will not read the New Testament to find out who JESUS is, what JESUS has done for humans, and who we are in CHRIST JESUS. Another reason which comes to mind is the language, if using a Bible filled with old English speech and understanding from the Holy Spirit or the command of the English that is being used either American or Britannia is not in our full command, meaning we do not know the definition to each word that we read in the books, paper or from whatever we are reading. It will be impossible to enjoy what we are trying to read in the Bible. I took the word begot to write about today because in the book of Matthew and Luke people do not like to read the genealogy of JESUS when it is all so important. If we studied those who are listed in the genealogy verses we will come to see that they were a bunch of jacked up people that were used for GOD’s glory. I know that because GOD chose to use these people that HE can and will use us because let’s face it, before coming to CHRIST JESUS we all were some pretty messed up people going to hell. Feminist, new age religion, and non-believers just to name a few like to refer to GOD as a higher power, or as she. Well, the definition of begot is not linked with anyone feminine. To be begotten you must come from male/man. Though GOD the FATHER is a SPIRIT our proof that HE is MAN but not in the manner that we know a man to be. Often JESUS called GOD, FATHER this lets us know that a father is not female. Male/men are the ones who can breed, engender, generate offsprings, sire, spawn, and procreate. All, humans are begotten from their fathers with the exception of Adam who was formed from the dust of the ground and Eve who was taken and formed from the rib of Adam her husband. Adam was the first human to begin the begotten process and he is still begetting children today.

CHRIST JESUS has many names but the only name that invokes authority and power is the name of JESUS. One of the names that we use of HIM is the Word. The Word is who was given into the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit who birthed the Word/JESUS who is called CHRIST/the Anointed One. HE is the promised Seed that was spoken of in Genesis. JESUS wears a robe which is covered with blood and HIS name is the Word of GOD. The gospel of the Living GOD is all about HIS SON, the LORD JESUS CHRIST regarding HIS humanity. Because in order for HIM to relate to us His humanity was born and descended from King David. The Living GOD does everything with perfect timing, we can see this in the begetting of HIS own SON who came as the Son of a human mother and HE perfectly lived under the Jewish Law, no human was or is able to do this. And, yet we keep trying to do so. JESUS left all HE has in heaven to come to earth in the form of a human. HE freely gave them all up to take on the nature of a servant, not in the manner of what we know a servant to be. HIS type of servitude was not one who labors as we are acquainted with such as those we see in restaurants or bound by contracts as we are with new phones, nor was HE a slave to any man. JESUS willingly became the subordinate of the Law which HE wrote HIMself and gave to Moses. HE lived as a human subjected by the Jewish Law. Though JESUS is KING, HE voluntarily served others in ministry. JESUS is often called servant throughout the Bible. GOD JESUS became a human being and HE appeared to humans in the likeness of humans. This is the mystery that non-believers have difficulty wrapping their minds around, that the Living GOD manifested HIMself in human flesh. To become as humans are JESUS had to become flesh and blood and HE shared in our human nature, yet, without sin because there was and is no sin in HIM due to the fact that HE was not a begotten son of Joseph HIS earthly father. The Word is heard, seen and touched, JESUS is the Word of life. To know the Word we must look for HIS Spirit in others and we will find HIM when they are freely able to acknowledge that JESUS came as a human being who has the Spirit which comes from GOD. And those who deny this fact are antichrist and deceivers. The Word is full of grace and truth and HE lived with humans. The glory of the LORD GOD has already been revealed we just need to have the scales removed from our eyes to see HIM. And there will come a time when every human eye will see the Word in one single moment, this is the promise from the LORD GOD. The blood washed know and rely on the returning of CHRIST JESUS because we have witnessed HIS Majesty. JESUS received from HIS FATHER glory and honor this was not only known to HIM but those who heard with their own ears the voice of the Excellency Glory when HE said: “This is MY beloved SON in whom I AM well pleased”. We are to know the truth which makes and sets us free. JESUS is the only way, the only truth and HE is the only true life, there is no other way any human who has been begotten will ever see the FATHER except through JESUS and to do this we must believe in HIM. Pilate perceived that JESUS is a KING this is why he had inscribed on a plaque which was placed above HIS head on HIS cross that JESUS is the KING of the Jews. JESUS is the KING who was born to come into the world. For HE is the begotten of the FATHER. And anyone who is a witness to this truth will hear HIS voice and know it. The decision was of GOD the FATHER that HIS SON JESUS the Word possesses the full nature of GOD.

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*Jesse begat David the King; Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary who birthed the Word and called HIM JESUS who is the CHRIST. Matthew 1

*JESUS was thought to have been begotten from Joseph who is the husband of Mary. Joseph was begotten from Heli; King David was begotten from Jesse and Jesse was begotten from Obed the husband of Ruth who used to be a Moabites; Seth was begotten from Adam who is the son of GOD but not the begotten son because he was created from the dust of the ground. With the image and likeness of GOD. Luke 3


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