Oh, to be selected by the FATHER. The blood washed are actually handpicked by the FATHER through the salvation of HIS beloved SON CHRIST JESUS. Because it was predestined that we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to us while we were groping around in the darkness of sin. And because we were taken in preference we were also given the ability to share CHRIST with others without fear.

We all are not chosen to stand behind a pulpit or to pastor a congregation of an assembly. However, we are chosen to invite and share our testimony with others who do not have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS so that HIS blood will begin to wash them and flow within their bodies. It should be our desire to cause the Holy Spirit to live within another person who is empty of life because He does not live within them. Today, the Holy Spirit no longer comes on the chosen ones of GOD and then leaves. No, today, the Holy Spirit resides in all of the chosen ones who believe in the CHRIST. This is so we may announce the goodness of our LORD and the salvation HE has gifted us with. As the comedian, Martin Lawrence said, “Run and tell that”.

Some of us do not declare the goodness of our LORD because we have been distracted with the cares of this world. I’m not trying to write that we should live with our heads up in the clouds all day as though we are lovesick, you remember how we are when we have met someone who loves us and we love in return. If we did this we would get nothing accomplished, however, we allow the news, employment, family matters and whatever else take us away from recalling to memory who we are in CHRIST and who CHRIST is within us. Many who are in the body of CHRIST are much like Martha the sister of Lazarus and Mary. Martha was busy with all the details of being a good hostess that she missed out on worshipping JESUS through resting. Not the type of resting where we do not take care of the task set before us at our place of employment, school, and home. But she did not know and understand the meaning of true resting in HIM to provide her with the ability to trust in HIM to work her life out for her. And, when we are distracted by the cares of this world be it those things that we enjoy partaking in or people we enjoy being with. We have missed out on that which we are to do at the beginning of our day and that is to worship and be thankful for the rest that was given to us while we were asleep, for our waking up, for the goodness of the LORD, and to share with the LORD the task at hand that require our attention so that we will not be overwhelmed and for the playing that we desire to do with others. We are distracted from asking the FATHER what is it that HE will like for us to do today and to avail ourselves over to HIM making ourselves available to HIM. Because when we are distracted we put on again the Adamic character that we once had before coming to CHRIST and begin to blame everyone for our stress and believe that the LORD has no compassion for our daily cares. Martha actually said to JESUS “LORD do you not care” and let’s be honest those who do not understand the love of CHRIST believe this though they may not say this. It is in our actions and emotions of being overwhelmed that we display that which Martha said to JESUS. So what is it that Mary did that JESUS said HE will not take away from her? Mary rested. She knew that JESUS is the answer to her life and her joy. Mary gave an ear to hear the voice of the LORD GOD. Mary trusted.

We the chosen are to pray about everything that concerns us be it business affairs to dating someone, marrying someone or anything else of importance to us. We are to pray about the place of worship that we are to be planted in also. Nothing is to be left to chance concerning the chosen of the Almighty GOD. No one knows the heart of mankind which are our desires, motives, and thoughts which are in the heart as the LORD our GOD does, this is why we must pray to ask HIM what we are to do. Never be pushed and rushed to make a decision share with the FATHER that we have been given a time frame if we have and that we need to hear HIS answer. If we don’t hear HIS answer the chance is maybe we should back away because what we want to do is not for HIS chosen. In these cases, we will feel a calm, a peace flowing within us if we must decline from doing a thing. Another indication we should be sensitive to is if we do go ahead with a venture because we have not heard an answer from the FATHER, our conscience must be calm and peace flowing within us. Once we begin to feel that nagging within us wondering if we are doing the right thing, this is our indication that we must back out of whatever we have decided to take on. Never be ashamed of confessing on the LORD our Savior. Do we understand that we have been deliberately chosen by GOD? We are chosen instruments of CHRIST JESUS to bear HIS name before people. Know with assurance that GOD shows no partiality among HIS chosen because everyone who belongs to HIM all over this planet will give and show HIM the utmost respect, and the only work that we work is that of righteousness which comes from relationship with GOD through CHRIST JESUS and in this we are seeking HIM daily and often. We do not practice a religion which comes from mankind. We who are in a relationship with CHRIST know the message of peace through CHRIST JESUS who is LORD of all. We the chosen have been baptized just as JESUS was baptized and we are to ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit who will operate within us and provide us with the power to do and say that which we have been instructed. We have the ability to pray for anyone we encounter for their healing this is a good thing that we can do as well as to follow all that CHRIST has requested of us to do and say. We should be personal eyewitnesses of those things HE has done in our lives as well as others. When we attend a worship service at our local assembly are people being prayed for to receive their deliverance and healing? And do we see the effects of this? If so, this is an eyewitness account of what CHRIST is doing in the lives of others today and because HE does things for others we are assured that HE will do the same for us. When JESUS CHRIST was crucified on our behalf it was not because mankind put HIM to death because no one has the ability to kill GOD, however, HE gave up HIS life willingly for all mankind and on the third day the FATHER raised CHRIST up from the dead to life and many saw HIM, HE was not hidden, HE walked in the open for everyone who is chosen to see and they dined with HIM. The commandment that HE left with the apostles is for us who are chosen also and that is to share with people through solemn testimony that CHRIST is the One who has been appointed and ordained by the living GOD to judge both the living and the dead. In the name of JESUS whoever will believe in HIM, you will receive remission/be released of your sins. Ooh-wee, we have been chosen by the living GOD who is our FATHER in CHRIST JESUS to know HIS will and to see CHRIST as well as hear HIS voice directly from HIS mouth not to rely on others to tell us what the LORD has said. HE speaks to all HIS chosen because we are heirs of the promises.

Cease from being concerned with what others may say or think of you. The living GOD has chosen what appears to be foolish to put to shame those who perceive themselves to be wise. It is the living GOD who chooses the weak to place shame on those who believe they are strong. People who are known to be mean-spirited, those who have been counted as worthless, low in rank, have no dignity and any other way that people devalue people. People may see others this way but once we come to CHRIST we are used by HIM to bring nothing to what others value.

The chosen are beloved by the FATHER through CHRIST when we were poor in faith and now our faith has become rich and now we are also heirs of the promised kingdom because we love HIM.

We have come to CHRIST who is our living true and tried stone who so many have and are still rejecting. But just as CHRIST is chosen so are we and not only that but we are being built up in HIM. Ah, glory we the chosen are a generation who are of the royal priesthood, we are a holy nation, we are HIS own special people and we must tell others of HIS ability and desire to take us out of the darkness of sin to bring us into HIS marvelous light and we will worship HIM. We are GOD’s people who have obtained HIS forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy.

CHRIST JESUS is the chosen Lamb of GOD and HE has overcome all evil and their god satan. Only CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of lords, HE is the KING of kings and because we are with HIM rather than continually being against HIM we are HIS faithful chosen.

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