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When we come to CHRIST JESUS unfortunately, we are faced with so many traditional acts that we are taught to do once we begin to attend weekly service on Saturday or Sunday. Most of us when we come to JESUS know a wee bit of what the Old Testaments is such as the Ten Commandments, and the Law of Moses. Those things that we do know and many that we are unfamiliar with are then pushed on us from the pulpit and from those who we surround ourselves with. We have to be very careful about that which is said from the pulpit because even from there without harmful intentions what is being preached or taught can pull one down into the pit. If the pastor is teaching the law of Moses rather than the law of CHRIST JESUS, he is unwarily teaching bondage.

CHRIST JESUS has delivered us out from the darkness but when we are not taught how to be free in CHRIST JESUS when we do not have the power of the Holy Spirit which comes from being baptized in Him. Not in water but in the fire, we will not have the un-comfortability that triggers us to recognize that what we hear or see is not of GOD. And, when we are not being taught from the pulpit and don’t have the Holy Spirit teaching us from within, we will not be able to recognize those who sit in front, next to or behind us that are legalistic and not free in CHRIST JESUS. We will not be able to recognize that these are false Christians. Most often they can be recognized because they are not joyful people, most times they look like their faces have been soaking in either lemon or pickle juice and they are always telling others what to do that is no longer a requirement of GOD. Let me ask you a question, whatever your nationality is; do you have to be taught how to be that which is apart of your country or are you just that? I’m a native American meaning that I was born in this wonderful country and I am also a descendant of the American Indians which were here before the Europeans came and stole the land. I’m also a descendant from these countries Africa, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Syria but I don’t acknowledge myself to be African, English, Irish, Scottish or Syrian. I’m an American and I live in all the freedom of being an American. I have some knowledge of how natives of those countries that I’m descended from live, but I do not try to live my life as they do because I was not born in those countries. It’s the same when we become born-again CHRISTians we are natives of heaven because we have believed, have faith in, depend and rely on JESUS. Heaven is our true domain and home so, to be free in the kingdom of GOD is not lurking around asking those that we think are natives or living there for directions of how to be or where to go. No, we are to move about in the freedom CHRIST JESUS gave to us, but we must be taught from the Holy Spirit how to be free in HIM. We must raid our Bibles much like we raid our kitchens at home. We must rest in the Word of GOD much as we rest at home either on the couch, our favorite chair or on the bed. We must learn to walk in the freedom of being naked before CHRIST JESUS exposing all that we are so that HE can train us to be more like HE is.

False Christians are either unknowledgeable of the true Grace of GOD or slick in trying to have us perform in the efforts to show that GOD has favorites. Let me share with you this, GOD does not have favorites, HE loves us all and HE blesses us all. It is HIS delight to provide for us but if we don’t know how to depend, rely on and trust in JESUS how can HE bless us in the manner that we desire? It is our faith in JESUS that gives us the overflow of blessings rather than the limited blessing that even the non-believers experience. We must cease or not allow any longer false Christians to control us. Get into your Bible and read who you are from Galatians to Jude. Recognize that we are just as important as those that others perceive are important because of their status in ministry. If people are lifted up to a place of pseudo-importance let it not make one bit of difference to you because we all are very important in the life of CHRIST JESUS. We are not required to have degrees from an accredited college/university; we are not required to be a major gospel singer, we are not required to be a notable play writer, actor, or novelist. We are not even required to be a superstar athlete. What is required of us all is to live free in CHRIST JESUS knowing that HE loves us and that HE is the ONE molding us from the inside out into HIS image. GOD favors us, dear heart! When we know who we are in CHRIST JESUS we will be able to see and recognize those who are poor in spirit, destitute, those who are destitute of the saving grace of GOD and suffering from being guilty from those acts of sins. Once we come to CHRIST JESUS, we are immediately free from all charges of our acts of sins and we are immediately free from sin in our not believing in CHRIST JESUS. We have been delivered from darkness so stay out of the dark and live in the light of CHRIST.

Understand that those who call themselves Christians and pretend to live in freedom, yet, will turn and be another way only to please people because of what they believe is completely in the wrong. There is no need to try and fit in or to be what you are not. Just be yourself in CHRIST JESUS and allow the work of JESUS to present itself in us. We must be careful of our actions because it’s is very easy for baby Christians to follow the lead of those that have claimed to be Christians for years because people look up to those who they perceive as one who has it together. Follow the truth properly, if we live legalistically and fail at it, yet, have the audacity to instruct others to live legalistically rather than in the freedom CHRIST it’s because you don’t know HIM intimately as you ought. Get this understanding dear lamb that none of us receive GOD’s approval by trying to follow the laws of Moses or any other tradition that is put on us that is religious. Anyone of us who come to CHRIST JESUS through faith in HIM is approved by GOD. It has nothing at all to do with the performance so stop. Legalism kills and so does religion.

 Cultivate your relationship in CHRIST JESUS and live continually in HIS crucifixion because we too have been crucified with and in HIM. Live freely in CHRIST JESUS I can’t stress this too much. Daily choose to believe in CHRIST JESUS remembering that it was JESUS CHRIST who took our punishment for sins. No longer reject or neglect GOD’s kindness towards us. If we are to reject anything, reject legalism and religious traditions because we have GOD’s full and complete approval and that we know that JESUS death was not pointless.

Galatians 2


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