I’ve heard from time to time that we should not be content with what we have but to go and get more. Well, when I read about our being content in the New Testament it shares that we are to not be disturbed to the point that we object to the blessings of what others have. We are not to envy others, or complain about what we don’t have but rather be at peace in our mind, as Lionel Ritchie sang, “I’m easy, easy like a Sunday morning”.

Whatever it is that we possess, clothes, home, our outer appearance, employment, food, and our money. We are to be content and cease from looking for pseudo pleasures and gratifications. Our mind, heart and, spirit are to be at a continual rest in CHRIST JESUS and thankful for all that we do have. The LORD GOD is aware of what it is that we are in need of but we must ask HIM none the less and wait for HIM to provide. There is nothing wrong to want success, greater possessions, or more money, however, why do we want them? Is it just so we can brag about what we have; is it so we can feel superior to others; is it so we can glorify ourselves; and if we had the money to not only pay for all of our monthly debts without feeling the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck, will we use that money to help the less fortunate? What are our motives for having the desire to want more rather than being content with what we do have?

Don’t call attention to the lack that we think or possibly is a requirement that we are in need of. In our now situation be content, at peace, satisfied, undisturbed in all that we have or the lack thereof. When in lack trust that the FATHER will provide that which we are in need of. When in want, check the motive as to why we desire that thing.

Luke 4:11; Philippians 4:11


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