Corruptible / Corruption


Creation is corrupted by sin however, this is not how it was from the very beginning. When GOD created all of the creation HE said that HIS creation was good. The curse that creation is under has caused all of us to become corrupted, putrid and under the subject of decay and destruction. Our principles and qualities are injured, impaired, and spoiled of our original value. We have become defected by sin. We are susceptible to depravity. Humans are growing increasingly in their perverseness and wickedness. Humans debase themselves because we are impure and tainted. We are guilty of committing high treason and the crime is a felony. But there is a way out for humankind.

All of us at some point in our life and may continue to serve other gods. They are in the form of images be they animals, people, or things such as employment, furniture, intoxicants, knick-knacks, money, paintings, photographs, and possessions. The Excellency, Glory, and Majesty of GOD had or is being exchanged for other gods.

For those of us alone who are blood washed in the blood of JESUS CHRIST, we will be raised up free and immune from decay because we are being transformed. We will depart what is the curse of nature which is death and finally free from its grip. Death will vanquish forever because it has been conquered. No more will there be death among any of GOD’s creation because death is the final enemy that will be abolished, done away with and subdued.

Get this understanding, JESUS is the only One who was born with the purpose to die for HIS creation, mankind. HE did not die for any other creation of HIS. HE was and is our perfect ransom which has been paid in full. This freed us from our worthless way of life and JESUS was never perishable but imperishable.

Though in death JESUS CHRIST went into the bowels of hell and the captives were set free. Corruption could not touch HIM neither was it found in or on HIM. Decay and destruction were not in or on JESUS as it is within us. Mankind without CHRIST JESUS living in our heart and who alone awakens our spirit to be a connection with HIM. Our heart will remain all wrong in the sight of GOD. It does not matter about all the wonderful things we may do because we are incapable of being righteous, straightforward and true before our most holy GOD. We are not faithful and steadfast in the New Covenant in which has been presented to us.

Beloved we have a reason to recall to our remembrance and to offer up the sacrifice of praise to our Savior. HE desired our life and it was JESUS who preserved our life from going into the pit of hell. All of our sins have been thrown behind HIS back never to be seen or thought of again. We need to do the same. We have obtained peace from that bitterness of facing hell. JESUS loves us so much that HE snatched us from the grips of corruption and nothingness and spending our eternity in the lake of fire.

Though many of us will see death don’t be in despair, that death in actuality for us is just us sleeping. We are sown back to the earth from which we came and we will decay. However, the glorious day will appear when we will be resurrected immune to decay and immortal. Yes, we were sown back to the earth with flesh that cannot be saved but it must in our lifetime be placed under the submission of CHRIST. And let’s admit it we sometimes act out in error and that’s because in our flesh still resides dishonor and humiliation. Don’t be ashamed that our human life will sometimes rather than having the lifestyle of acting out or saying things that are displeasing to our Savior. After all, we are acting out our infirmities and weakness in thoughts and saying that which is in our heart. This I believe the constant reminder that we cannot live day by day without CHRIST.  We are still living in our natural body and we are found groaning for our home in heaven. The promise is that we dear hearts will be raised in honor and glory with strength and endued with power. Our fleshly natural bodies will be transformed into supernatural bodies. Imagine just having the thought to be from one place to another and we will be there. Remember CHRIST JESUS when HE appeared to HIS disciples without using the door. Wow, faster than blinking we will be able to go from here to there. Our flesh and our blood which are corrupted will never be allowed to experience the wonderful salvation of eternal life. It’s not been given the promise of the inheritance nor can it share in the Kingdom of our GOD. Why? Because they are a part of the curse which decays and is corrupted.

So, dear hearts know this to be true. When we give into the desires of the flesh we will receive in our flesh its payment or rewards. They are not pleasant and I’ve never met anyone who desires to have these rewards which their flesh are the recipient of. Such as diseases, inflammation of the joints, and other enormous health problems. We don’t have to participate in things which will cause our flesh to decay because our flesh though outwardly we may look excellent we deal with at an early age acne, dry skin, the need for deodorants, cologne, perfume and skin moistener. These are signs of decay and sin. Also, though we throw behind us those activities in which we once participated in by the help of the Holy Spirit then the Holy Spirit will reward us with eternal life.

Here is just one of the many promises which have been given to. The exceedingly great promise which goes beyond the limit, measure or quantity of anything we can think of is that we have and are escaping from the rottenness and corruption that is in this world. Covetousness which is the lust and greed that we had has been replaced with our becoming partakers of HIS divine nature. This is a promise and life that we all who are saved from being corruptible and living in corruption will want to share with others but have a fear of being rejected. Don’t let being rejected by others to deter you from giving them the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. There are some who will never hear in their hearts because they are unreasoning, they will rather live their lives by instinct alone. These people are already unwittingly captured and destroyed by their nature and facing utter eternal destruction. They are ignorant and they will die in their corruption and they will be destroyed. The unrighteous will be paid in full for their wrongdoing. Today in what they consider the life because they are having what they consider to be the time of their life have not considered that they are blemishes and blots in the sight of GOD because of their carousing and deception. Don’t fear, these people will not feast with us. However, don’t be like those who promise freedom not knowing that they themselves are slaves to their sins full of depravation and defilement. Today the spirit of the Pharisee and Sadducee is still alive and among us. When we trust in our leaders more than we trust in the Word of GOD and CHRIST JESUS we are overcome by the enslavement that we follow. So keep the eyes and ears open to recognizing that we do not return back to being corruptible.

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