There are many people written in the Bible that we can relate to. We either have the character and integrity as someone we have read about. Or, we know someone who reminds us of someone we are reading about. There are so many situations that will remind us all of what we have gone through, where we are at this very moment and where we will like to be. I know that the people who are listed in the Bible are there to actually help us and cause us to take notice that if GOD blessed, called and chose them that most certainly HE has blessed, called and chosen me.

GOD is not the One who is lost rather we are and HE goes out searching for us all, calling out to us and some of us will answer HIS call while others will not. Those of us that will answer HIS call need to know that a celebration in heaven commences each time one of GOD’s human creations are found and come to HIM.

GOD desires that we look past our weaknesses so that we will become strong in HIM. Allow GOD to supersede our limitations and disqualifications. In other words, allow GOD to awaken your spirit man so that you will become more than just a mere human. Allow GOD to redeem, redefine and realigned us as HE had done for those that we read about in HIS Word.

GOD made you the way you are for a reason, not your sinful nature but your character. If you have a great sense of humor, you will not lose it just because you decided to walk with GOD. In essence, GOD will use your humor for HIS glory. GOD will mold us into the person that HE desires to use, this is called HIS equipping and HIS empowering which will cause us to go through countless open doors that only HE can open in front of us and close behind us.

Genesis 27:35-35 supplanters/deceitful literally means one who grabs hold of /or takes the heel.


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