Crying out is good for the soul. Crying refreshes the soul and in doing so we relieve ourselves of the heavy weight of carrying what we are filled up with. Just because a person cry does not always mean that they are filled up with hurt. Most people cry and never know it because of the form in which we cry. Crying does not always mean that salty fluid will exit the eyes but we may be filled up to the brim and have a need to expel with our voice. We cry aloud using our voice to speak that which we believe deep within our belly. We cry out with a call using great force. We cry out to GOD using a loud voice by way of the earnest request in prayer or giving GOD the praise and worship due to HIM. Sometimes we cry out in distress to our GOD because of a great need we may have or we will cry out in distress not because we stand in need of something from GOD but because we are overwhelmed by the good of our GOD. We exalt JESUS through praise by the clapping of our hands as tears roll down our face as we think about how we have been set free from sin. Because HE loves us so greatly and HIS grace, truth, and mercy can be overwhelming when we recognize that we are not worthy because of what we do. The most popular cry is that of a loud or silent voice in weeping because of the sorrow we are feeling. So we lament until we get it out of our system. The most popular cry that we all are apart of is that of triumph in whatever we have a passion for or when we see the answer to prayer. We are overcome with emotion and passion for the victories of our favorite sports team, achievements in our personal and business life, what our children are doing as we encourage them to live out their passions. Daily when we view the news we hear how people cry out with complaints because they feel the oppression of injustice. When we cry be it through tears of joy or sorrow, or to express something that is frightening which have caused great alarm or when we express a desperate need or want. We all must get in the habit of recalling the goodness that JESUS is to us, we need to recall that we have unmerited favor through HIM. And when we fix our attention on HIS goodness and promises to us we can’t help but cry.

From the depths of our soul, we should be overcome by the great appreciation through our love for JESUS. And how we crave HIM as a man craves for the attention of a woman and vice-versa. We are overcome just like the joy that is felt when a woman births her child. Though none of us want to die an earthly death we who are in a relationship with JESUS desire to be with HIM in the manner in which we can see, smell, hear and touch HIM up close and personal and we can taste HIS Word in our mouth. We cry from the inner depths of our heart in joy to our living GOD who watches us in all things, who listens to our heart, who answers our petitions the moment we speak our request and who also speaks in our spirit. How deeply loved is the dwelling place of JESUS.

And it’s not only us who are encased in the flesh that cries. The Holy Spirit also cries out, He cries out for the lost ones who do not belong to the FATHER and the SON, CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing as we like to refer to Him as being when we say “something told me not to do or say”. The Holy Spirit is Wisdom which belongs to GOD who provides us with the indwelling of HIS presence so that we do not have to make the wrong decisions as well as He is constantly speaking about JESUS in our heart and spirit. Wisdom is so powerful that we require an understanding of what we hear. When we hear the cries of the Holy Spirit we find ourselves questioning the voice that we hear. To the non-believer hearing the cry of the Holy Spirit in our soul gives us pause and we make the decision to either remain in the darkness of sin or to turn and begin to live and walk in the light of CHRIST JESUS. To the believer, we grow too because we are accustomed to the cries of the Holy Spirit when we hear in our spirit the goodness of CHRIST JESUS and where we come from, how we were lurking about in darkness and did not realize it. So cry aloud my beloved release all the hurt that is being carried within you, release that pain to CHRIST JESUS. Cry aloud for the person that you never mourned for properly. Cry with joy about the goodness of our GOD and how we are saved from the punishment that we could have experienced eternally should we have not turned from our wicked ways to become the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Continue to cry through exclamations of excitement for the achievements made by ourselves, others and especially our loved ones in our family. Cease from being that one who can cry aloud because of what our favorite sports team is achieving but find it difficult to give GOD the glory which is due to HIM not just on Sunday or Saturday when we attend our weekly worship service in our local assembly. But cry out with the overcoming love that we have for CHRIST JESUS not so much because of what HE is doing in our lives but because of who HE is in our life.

Psalm 84:2; Proverbs 8:1


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