Deuteronomy 1:38

Who among us honestly believes that they can survive without being encouraged? The truth of the matter is that no person can survive without encouragement from others. However, two types of encouragement may derive from good or evil. We must know which is which.

To encourage is to: [good]

  • give courage!
  • give or increase confidence in success!
  • inspire with courage!
  • embolden others’ spirits!

To discourage is to: [evil]

  • extinguish the courage.
  • dishearten.
  • depress another’s spirit.
  • deject/cast down.
  • deprive of confidence.
  • deter from
  • attempting to repress or prevent.
  • dissuade.

This is accomplished by speaking to people often until the person begins to believe that for themselves. Too many people are lacking in good encouragement. The first place that we should obtain good encouragement is within the home.

But more often than not we are discouraged by being told what we cannot be or do rather than increasing another’s confidence level to be who GOD said that he/she is to be or to do that which must be done.

Sometimes when we encourage others, we may have to take the person by the hand and step out in faith with them. I implore you never physically push a person to accomplish a task but rather speak life into them as often as it will take. Believe me, the person will begin to believe that he/she is or can do.

Joshua became an assistant to Moses. He, Caleb, and ten other men went to spy out the promised land that GOD had given to them. However, none but Joshua and Caleb believed that they could go in and take the land away from those who were currently residing there. Because of those ten rebellious men who were afraid more than believing the word of GOD which had been said to them, they along with all the other rebellious Israelites did not enter the promised land.

Only Caleb and his household and descendants and Joshua and his household and descendants got to live in the land flowing with Milk and Honey.

Joshua was encouraged and it was through his being encouraged that he was able to lead the next generation of Israelites who escaped Pharoah not physically but through their ancestors, into the promised land that GOD had given over to them.

Leaders are born it is hard-wired into their DNA to lead but depending on the type of encouragement that a leader is given before actually leading anyone will determine if that leader is an encourager or discourager. A current leader always appoints leaders to take their place or the place of another.

All people need someone to lead them. In the United States of America, our leader is the President. And in other countries, their leaders are Kings and Queens or just a King or just a Queen. Recently in America, we had a President who had the heart and mind of an evil Pharoah, and all the people under a certain financial class felt his indignation and heard his lust for selfishness and destruction. Communism is still alive in countries that are led by Monarchs. To be a good leader comes from within a person’s heart to act and speak encouragement not from empty words and gestures.

A good leader is brave and strong and knows that his/her help to accomplish a goal comes only from their source who is GOD.

Good encouragement incites people to become better because they will come to believe that they can do better and will do better.  Good leaders will look for peace so that they may share peace with those that follow them.

The reason so many people are unemployed legally is that someone somewhere kept telling them that they were just like someone who is struggling in their character, or that they are struggling to comprehend for themselves to do what they desire to do or be.

Nighty percent of people are dream and effort abortionists, killers, and murderers. The lack of encouraging others can also come from jealousy. Those who are bitter about another person that person will speak venomously about or at the individual that they have a problem with.

If each person in the world would give good encouragement to another great chances are that eventually, the person with whom we are speaking will begin to believe that for themselves and will begin to execute that which they have the desire to do.

Leaders who are born leaders yet were encouraged to be discouraged, which is often revealed through verbal communication will lead those to become as they are void of the ability to speak life into others. In doing so those who listen and follow these types of leaders are like sheep without a shepherd. Just wandering around looking for someplace to incite havoc.

We have good dreams and good goals that we want to obtain because GOD gave that to us, and HE knows that we are the person who can accomplish that which HE has given to us. Stop listening to anyone that speaks at you spewing venom in your direction with allegations, accusations, and condemnation. No person has credibility from GOD to use HIS name in such a manner. Begin listening to those who you have shared your dreams with, and they are willing to encourage you as often as it takes for you to get the job done as GOD has instructed you to do. Do not rebel by running and hiding from who you truly are.


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