Now That The Celebration Is Over


Part 5 – Finale

I believe that I have saved the best for last. Here is why we should celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of JESUS not once a year but every day of the year.

Because HE listens to the cries of those in need. HE does not forget those who are afflicted and humble. Then we will trust GOD and obey HIS teachings, without forgetting anything GOD had done, is doing, and by faith will do.

With our entire hearts, we should praise the LORD! And choose to never forget again how kind GOD has been, is, and will be. So, bless the LORD, with your full being, and never again forget all HIS benefits. Take pleasure in GOD’s laws and remember HIS words. There is a delight to be found in the Word of GOD.

Here is why we should never forget GOD’s teachings. Because GOD gives us new life when we choose to follow HIS teachings. In this evil, sick, and wicked world, we cannot afford to ever forget the teachings of GOD, because our lives are always in danger. At any time a stray bullet can come into our homes or while we are out doing the things we had made a goal for the day. We could be a part of an automotive accident, or a plague could come to our homes and touch either our life or the life of a loved one or both. We are not to live our lives in fear because it is by faith that we expect to be protected from this world’s evil dangers. Choose to keep your life in the hands of The Almighty GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Though many people may turn their backs on us because we have made the decision to follow JESUS. And we are considered to be despised and a nobody in their sight. We will choose to remember GOD’s laws of liberty.

And, lastly know this; we are servants of GOD and we will wander away more than once just as lost sheep do. However, The Good Shepherd is faithful to come after us, because we have not forgotten the teachings of our LORD and Savior.

References: Psalms 9:12, 78:7, 103:2, 119:16, 93, 109, 141, 176.


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