Exalt Pt. 3

2 Samuel 22:47

For those of you who may be looking for how to exalt the LORD JESUS but just cannot think of anything. And, believe me, I know that it can sometimes be hard to think of all that JESUS has done because HE has done so much it is impossible for us to just focus on just one thing, so stop trying. JESUS has been there even when we have not realized it in all of our yesterdays. JESUS is here today and JESUS will be there in our tomorrows.

So, when we get to those times or when we have decided to choose to exalt HIM beginning today look for scriptures such as our topic scripture and just think of and love on HIM.

  • The LORD JESUS is Alive
  • Blessed be my [make this personal, blessed be my] Rock. Blessed/happy, prosperous in life, enjoyment of spiritual joy and happiness in GOD’s favor and mercy, enjoying heavenly blissfulness. Rock/asylum, defense, protection, safety, and strength.
  • GOD JESUS is to be exalted because HE is to be praised, proclaim HIS greatness.
  • JESUS is The Rock of my [make this personal] your salvation. HE saved me [make this personal]. JESUS saves me [make this personal].


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