Exalt Pt. 13

Romans 9:5

Though in this verse of scripture, Paul is speaking directly about the Jewish nation, those of us who are inside of JESUS should be able to find this helpful to us as well. From a New Covenant standpoint, here is the breakdown in my hopes to help us better understand again how and why JESUS is worthy of being exalted by us.

  1. Through adoption we are spiritually citizens of Israel, it is our spiritual home, and we are a part of the Jewish nation. Recognize that they are our family.
  2. Every Born-Again CHRISTian should experience heartache for anyone who does not acknowledge, believe, have faith in, know, rely on, and trust in JESUS.
  3. GOD our FATHER knows the sadness that HIS children experience when we desire for people to come to JESUS so that they can experience HIS Love.
  4. That our desire should be for all humankind to come to faith in JESUS, the Anointed One, the CHRIST, the MESSIAH.
  5. Our conscience should be filled with nothing but the Holy Truth.
  6. GOD chose the nation of Israel to be HIS chosen people. But GOD also chose those that HE called as well to be HIS chosen people. Such as myself and those of you who are a part of the Blood Covenant established for us by the promise of HIS Word given to us and the actions that took place at Calvary when JESUS laid down HIS sinless life on that cross, allowing mankind to nail HIM there, and displayed HIS naked, torn flesh for all to see. Then HE allowed man to pierce HIM in HIS side so that that water could flow from HIS body. Afterward, a man took HIM down from the cross and laid HIM in a borrowed tomb where HIS earthly body would lay, waiting for HIM to enter into it again and rise in victory for us all.
  7. Once, we by faith in heart come to believe in and on JESUS we become fellow citizens of Israel (spiritually) because we have chosen to answer the call of the Holy Spirit and believe that JESUS is all HE said that HE is and believe that we are forgiven and loved by HIM.
  8. Through JESUS, GOD’s glorious presence belongs to us, the covenants, and all the promises of GOD. What does not belong to us is the Law of Moses, and our having to perform rituals, and the legalism of traditionalism in our local assembly.
  9. For those of us who like to research our genealogy, you should find that you come from one or some of the patriarchs of old, yes, we have a bloodline with at least one patriarch.
  10. But most important is the fact that JESUS in HIS earthen body is a descendant of the patriarchs as well and HE is our MESSIAH, the True and Living GOD of all.

Now, praise JESUS, exalt HIM as HE is being exalted through the endless ages.



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