Grace Comes From Our GOD And The LORD JESUS CHRIST

2 Thessalonians 1:12; 2:16; John 3:3,5; 1 Peter 1:3-5, 23; Revelation 1:5

We are the congregation of a wonderful church. Not one made of brick and mortar but one built in the Spirit of GOD and LORD JESUS The CHRIST. And because of this, we must pray for one another [our spiritual siblings] in the body of CHRIST. This should be our responsibility to thank our FATHER in heaven for our heavenly family who is here on earth all over this magnificent world. After all, our faith is the faith that we should have for another because our faith is growing by leaps and bounds. Our faith is being stretched from the east, north, south, and west. We do this because we possess an unselfish love for one another that is increasing and overflowing. People should be pointing to us because they can see that we are genuinely the body of CHRIST because they can hear and see our unwavering faith in JESUS, even when things do not look good in our lives we never consider walking away from our faith, remembering those promises that our heavenly FATHER has made to us and that we can receive the second we reach up for them and take possession. This is called unflinching faith and only the children of the Most-High GOD have this. The grace of GOD is perfect as it proves and intends to make us worthy of inheriting the Kingdom of GOD.


Pray for our heavenly family here on earth, not those who have already gone to sleep waiting for the resurrection in CHRIST JESUS. Prayers for the dead/sleeping are useless. Pray consistently for those who now have breath in their bodies that our GOD will empower us to live worthy of all that HE has invited us to experience. Pray that by HIS grace, HIS power, and all the pleasures of HIS goodness with all the works which are being inspired by faith will fill us. Doing this will glorify the name of our LORD, JESUS The CHRIST within us and HE will glorify us in HIM. The FATHER and JESUS will do this by HIS marvelous Grace which belongs to the FATHER and the SON, JESUS.

The Grace of GOD does not fail

Our FATHER GOD The LORD CHRIST JESUS Loves us and in HIS wonderful Grace has given to us eternal comfort and beautiful hope that cannot and will not fail. Knowledge of this love towards us which lives within us must encourage our hearts and inspire us with the strength to always put into action and to speak what is acceptable in HIS eyes.

What is your identity

Let me ask a couple of questions because I am positive that there are people who read these encouraging, informative, and inspirational blogs who are not identified in CHRIST JESUS. You may think that you are, especially if you are an American or have family members living in your home who faithfully attend worship service weekly, bi-weekly, or daily. But that is not what it means to be identified in JESUS. So, here is the question: Are you, Have you been Born-Again, do you understand what this means? What thoughts, what words, what action do you have that resemble CHRIST JESUS at all?   If for any reason you cannot honestly say within your heart that you are Born-Again then chances, are you are not. JESUS said it best: Truly, truly, [I AM telling the Truth] unless you are Born-Again you cannot, will not be in, will not experience, nor will you see GOD’s Kingdom. Everyone who is Born-Again is so because we have been born from water, the spiritual cleansing which brings renewal by the Holy Spirit. Only then after we have taken the initial steps of believing in JESUS then being washed, and finally openly [publicly] confessing that JESUS The CHRIST is our Savior and our LORD and to believe in our heart without wavering that GOD The FATHER raised JESUS from the dead will we get to experience true salvation from day today. Because our hearts the inner depths receives by faith that JESUS is Alive then we get to receive the gift of righteousness from GOD our FATHER. Everyone who believes in JESUS will never be disappointed.

Know your identity

We have an identity and that identity is GOD’s Chosen People! GOD has and gives to HIS children an abundant amount of HIS mercy. All people experience GOD’s mercy which is new every morning but everyone does not experience GOD’s abundant mercy because everyone is not HIS child, everyone does not belong to HIM. It is because of HIS mercy that we have a new life in HIM through CHRIST JESUS. We possess a living hope all because JESUS The CHRIST rose from the dead. We have GOD’s unwavering grace which is HIS blessings [most commonly known by people] which are kept in heaven so that nothing can destroy them but that does not mean that we can only have them when we get to heaven. They belong to us and if we genuinely believe that we have unlimited blessings stored there for us then we should go get them, reach up and pull them down. Whatever we grab a hold of that is what will manifest. Not only that but do you know that we have GOD’s power which keeps us protected until JESUS comes back for us? We will be given JESUS in the flesh [meaning we will get to see HIM], at the end of time for non-believers but for believers, it will be the beginning of time.

The Experience

This is the experience that we have for being Born-Again, being born anew because we were not conceived and born by the efforts of humans, we were conceived in the heart and mind of the FATHER and came to life from an imperishable seed. Our conception came from our hearing GOD’s Living Message [The Word of GOD]. HIS message is Living and Enduring within us and this is why we have an eternal identity in HIM.

JESUS Unveiled

JESUS The CHRIST is unveiled, so bear witness to the Word of GOD and the testimony of CHRIST JESUS. Receive GOD’s kindness, grace, and peace which overflows to us from HIM. JESUS is the Who was, Who is, and Who will to come. JESUS The CHRIST is our faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead [resurrected], JESUS is the Ruling KING, HIS love is consistent in and towards us and we have been freed from our sin by HIS Blood, in HIM we have been appointed a kingdom of priest to serve HIS GOD [our GOD] and HIS FATHER [our FATHER]. HIS dominion and glory are eternal.


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