Grace provides Power and Strength


Acts 4:33, 6:8, 7:46, 11:23, 13:43

Part 1


GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever. HE gave power and strength to the apostles and HE will give all believers in CHRIST JESUS power and strength as well through HIS marvelous grace.

We must not be afraid of our family, friends, co-workers, school associates those in authority as well as those that attend classes, nor should we be afraid of strangers that we meet during our outings when we are taking care of our errands. Most often while we are standing in lines short conversations are started up, this just may be our opportunity to speak about the resurrection of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. Let us not rely on our ability, power, or strength to share our testimony that our LORD JESUS has truly been raised from the dead. Rely on GOD to provide us with HIS power and HIS strength by HIS grace.

When we stand boldly in GOD’s power and strength through HIS grace testifying what GOD has done for us as well as who JESUS is, we just may be used at that moment to help someone out of a bad situation. GOD just may prompt us to pray a prayer regarding a situation that we know absolutely nothing about because the person never said anything to us about what is truly a bad situation for them. Also, GOD just may use us to pray and cast out an addiction, a disease, an illness for them either directly or indirectly. We are full of GOD’s grace which makes us richly blessed in HIM. I have found that GOD has done great miracles, signs, and wonders through me without my knowledge because I saw nothing at the moment. But at some point, especially when someone is with me the evidence is clearly seen and the news has gotten back to me. Just because we may not see what GOD is doing in the lives of those that we speak with does not mean that GOD is not working.

Once we are aware of the goodness of GOD’s grace, we become so overwhelmed that we want to do great exploits for HIM. For example, King David was so overcome that he wanted to build a house/tabernacle/church for GOD to live in. So, he asked GOD could he do this for HIM. Now, GOD is too great to live in a dwelling place made by the hands of humans, however, though HE did not allow King David to build the house, HE allowed King David’s offspring to build the tabernacle. So, in essence, King David did get to build the church as requested but it was done by the hands of his son, King Solomon. King David’s desire was planted into the heart of his begotten son and that seed became a harvest.

We must allow the grace of GOD to be at work in our lives. We must encourage/urge one another to stick to/remain faithful and devoted/purposeful/true with all our heart. We must never lose faith in CHRIST JESUS and it can be done when we focus on what is going on in the world, focusing on the bad situations that are happening with us, with family members, with friends, and such. Trials and tribulations are going to happen but this is not the time to jump out of our fellowship with CHRIST JESUS. This is the time to turn up the fire and read and study GOD’s Word, remember what HE has done thus far in our lives, remembering that we are champions, victors, and winners as long as we remain focused on JESUS and not what is going on around us. Be an encouragement to others, as they are watching every move we make and listening to every word we speak. It is most often that by our lifestyle that we gain new followers in CHRIST JESUS because of our obedience.



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