I’m not qualified


No one is qualified to do anything but sin. Think about it, most everything that we think, look at, listen to, speak and do is sinful. Now, let us look at another venue of not being qualified. Whatever we desire to do in life once we learn that specific thing, we consider ourselves unqualified until we become educated and trained in that specific thing to which then we call ourselves qualified. However, no matter what we learn or train for without CHRIST JESUS in our heart we are still not qualified for living our life as an achiever, overcomer and victorious.

And those of us who do have CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit living in our hearts, we still have a propensity to trip or we willingly sin. Now, the cool thing about us folk who do trip into sin or willingly sin just for a wee moment is that our Advocate will speak to the FATHER about us. We do not have to beg for HIS forgiveness because we are already forgiven. However, it is a good thing to acknowledge what we have done to HIM. Forgive yourself and move on forward. Moving on, stop believing that you cannot do whatever it is you desire to do for GOD. Believe me when I tell you, none of us are so strong within ourselves that we think that we can accomplish what we will like to do for GOD. No, dear hearts we are all weak but our weakness will not disqualify us because actually, our weakness should propel us to look at JESUS all the more. To trust and rely on HIM more and more. It is when we stick close to HIM that qualifies us. And, never become discouraged when the way we use to do something that worked well for us no longer is. GOD sometimes will change how we are to do something only to show us that HE is changing us all the more to look like HIS SON JESUS.

Oh, I almost forgot to share this with you, yes, it does hurt when family and those around you in your community, school, and place of employment put you down with their words. Some will not believe that you are better or can become better than what they are. Do not allow their words to shatter you into dust. Yes, you may break but what is broken can be repaired. And when we allow GOD to be that shield which will repel those evil words from entering into our heart or allow GOD to heal us with HIS healing salve, that Balm of Gilead which will mend us to be better than we were before. Then they will see that they were wrong for believing that you were unqualified.

So cease from stressing about all the small stuff of life because all you are doing is straining, and worrying about things that are out of your control but GOD has everything in HIS control. Know, that the real you which is your spirit is perfect only because of CHRIST JESUS and HE is working in you day by day. Honey child, you are a work in progress, you are the clay and GOD is the Potter.

2 Corinthians 12:10


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