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December 3, 2020

The Spirit of Wisdom brings happiness – 1 Kings 10:8

How do we know that we are listening? Most people never differentiate the two definitions of hearing and listening.

  • Hearing – to the working ear, it is the sound that is perceived
  • Listening – is to give close undivided attention to that which is being heard, not ignoring or neglecting but being obedient

Just because we hear the voice of people speaking does not mean that we are listening. And, the same goes for if or when we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us, we do not give our undivided attention to His voice. Did you know that those who are not baptized in the Holy Spirit can still hear His voice of warning? Some may give heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit but will disrespect Him because they are unaware that the voice that they hear deep within them is GOD speaking warnings not to continue with someone or something. Another vice is to call the Holy voice speaking deep within us a “thing” “something told me”. The Holy Spirit is a living breathing person and is the third person of the Most-High GOD.

When we listen to good advice from our elders we find that what was shared for our good was worth listening to should we apply it. This was the case with anyone who listened to what King Solomon had to say especially those who were in his presence often such as his closest companions, his court, and his servants. 

I am always looking for older people who have a heart for GOD in the hope that I can be mentored by them. Having a desire to be around much older people is natural for me, as a wee-las growing up I wanted desperately to be around my grandmother, who thankfully took over raising me to be the lady that I am and helping me by pointing me in the direction which was beneficial for me at certain times in my life. I also enjoyed the company of my great-grandmother, she never taught me much but there was just something about being around her that I loved. And, lastly, there was my great-great-grandmother of at the time I and my siblings were five living generations, she was in her eighties when my siblings and I were born. Going to live with her each summer during summer vacation was simply a blast for me. I sat at her feet listening to family histories and listening to the sound advice that she gave. I still miss these wonderful women who cultivated the gems that were deep within me, each of them was listened to by me, and those things that they deposited within me are still within me while I am growing stronger in my senior years. Also, the lessons that I received from these three wonderful women in my life I tried to pass down and into my own children. Oh, just a side note, while in my twenties, I gave birth to my first child, a son who I wanted my great-great-grandmother to meet who was now one hundred and five years of age but unfortunately she passed away during the month that I had planned on visiting her. 

Okay, getting back on track, when we listen, apply, and obey great advice which is also wisdom we find ourselves happy; prospering which is the form of being favored, and having success; being admired because we attract increase to whatever we desire to achieve. 

So, if we genuinely want to be happy learn to listen, listen to wisdom from people that are doing great things, listen to the wisdom from the elders in our family who want to deposit family history into us, and trying to keep us going in a straight direction rather than veering off into the wrong direction filled with pits and the wrong people who will know exactly what to say to us to get our ear. 

Develop a relationship with CHRIST JESUS who will send to each of us HIS Holy Spirit just as the FATHER has promised to give each of us when we ask for Him. But having the Holy Spirit living within us will mean absolutely nothing when we grieve Him all because we refuse to listen and obey His wisdom. Keep eyes and ears open for wise mentors so that we may develop beautiful relationships with them as we glean all that we can from them.

AMFBeM (™) 

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