Obedience through love


When a child begins to lie it is often a reaction from fear of the punishment for telling the truth. My grandmother used to tell me once I began to live with her, that if I told the truth about something I had done or said. That she may become upset but the consequences would be far harsher if I lied to her instead of telling the truth. The keyword is may, it took me a while to begin to trust her only because I had been abused in my previous home. However, after I began to step out and test the waters of what she was trying to teach me I found that most often the worst that I received was two weeks without watching television and or going outside to ride my bike or skate. If I lied to her the worst I received depending on what I had done was a spanking, not a whipping or [whooping]. My grandmother taught me to trust her and because of that trust in her and her promise I stopped lying to her and anyone else. My love for her became precious so when she closed her beautiful eyes for the final time it sent me into a tailspin.

CHRIST JESUS desires that our love for HIM become precious because we have grown to trust in HIM more and more because HIS promises to us are actually true. Nothing that HE said is shown to be a disvalue to us. And because we are learning day by day to trust in HIM more and more our love grows more in HIM. And we find that obeying what HE is directing us to do is not a difficult thing at all.

John 14:23 when we really and truly love CHRIST JESUS we will want to and we will keep and obey HIS Words. HIS teachings are priceless. So, when we hear people say that they love JESUS and yet they have not changed one morsel in their character and integrity, know that this person is lying because those who truly believe, depend, have faith, trust, and rely on CHRIST JESUS and HIS finished works at Calvery, they will obey HIM not Moses or anyone else over CHRIST JESUS.


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