Who is JESUS


Do you really know who HE is or do you know about HIM? There is a difference, to know HIM is to have an intimate relationship with HIM and to know about HIM comes from second or third-hand knowledge meaning that you heard of HIM from others.

Those of us that actually know the answer to the question of who JESUS is realized that our faith stems from our believing, relying on, trusting and knowing the fact of who HE is. When we cannot identify who JESUS is, JESUS cannot identify who we are. We must allow JESUS to change who we are or rather who we thought we were to who we actually are in HIM. This is all about changing the mind which can only be changed when our heart has been changed.

Do you know why GOD made you? Who does GOD mean to you? The answer to these thought-provoking questions will reveal the depths of your heart.

Do you want a real revelation? I hope so because GOD desires to show us all our value in HIM and who we can be in HIM.

We show ourselves to be victims when we constantly say who we are not or what we do not have. We need to acknowledge that we are victorious and that we are who GOD says that we are and we can do all things in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. You are more than a conqueror and we should just sit back and enjoy the ride as GOD molds us to be what HE wants us to be. Begin today to take on the fullness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Matthew 16:18


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