What If This Was You? 5

Eternal Life And Eternal Death

Among my siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we must not be amazed to the point that we are surprised as if we have not heard and read this in the Word of GOD. JESUS has informed us of this promise, and we are to continually encourage one another with this fact. We will hear a voice calling for us while we are sleeping wherever we may be buried or scattered. That voice will come from an Archangel accompanied by the blast of the Shofar/Trumpet that will awaken us. When we die an earthly death those of us who died in having faith in CHRIST JESUS will rise just as JESUS arose from the grave. But we will not be walking about for others to see or for us to be reconnected with our families. No, we will collectively ascend to the clouds to meet JESUS in the air. After every sibling of ours has come out of where they were buried or scattered then those that still live will join JESUS in the air as well. We must continually have our spiritual ears tuned for this to take place at any moment of the day either while we are awake or doing whatever we do while awake. Or, while we are sleeping, it will not matter, if in your heart you completely believe in JESUS The CHRIST then you will not be left behind and we will truly live forever and ever being in the company of The FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.

The dead/sleeping will come out of their graves, mausoleum, or from wherever their ashes were scattered they will arise and live again but this time better lives. This will happen in a split second as fast as it takes for the eye to blink.

But not only will our siblings in CHRIST JESUS awaken those who were non-believers in CHRIST JESUS when they died earthly deaths will also arise. But they will not awaken to live blissfully as so many of our sleeping saints will. No, they will awaken and be filled with eternal abhorrence [disgrace, contempt]. Those who are evil [wicked] will be rightly judged and found guilty. These will be sent away for their just reward of eternal punishment. But those that died/fell asleep will be given their just reward as well because they did as GOD wanted, they are good people and GOD has approved them. So, their just reward will be given to them and that is to live with HIM. You see we all have the same hope the good and the evil and that hope is to be in heaven with JESUS. But those that did not surrender their heart to believe in JESUS lost that hope when they rejected JESUS. People spoke to them, they attended church services, they went to funerals where I hope the preacher spoke about JESUS and not the person in the box or urn, they passed by a street evangelist who herald that all should repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand and that JESUS is coming back, they may have also picked up CHRISTian tracts and threw them away. But they closed their ears and hearts because they wanted to do whatever it is that they found reasonable in their hearts to do.

You know it just burns my biscuits when I hear people proclaim that they are self-made success stories. None of us can do a thing on our own. JESUS who is the SON of the Almighty GOD could not do anything on HIS own so what makes us believe that we can do anything on our own? The answer is pride.

I hate all forms of pride and I do mean all forms of pride. Let me make myself clear, we have just come out of a thirty-day show of people who are driven by the spirit of pride. They have an agenda, and they are pushing this agenda onto others. But allow me to share a few things about pride. Not everyone who is prideful is homosexual, pride does not discriminate, and heterosexuals can be led by the spirit of pride as well. Brothers and sisters, never and I do mean never speak to any person who is void of the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS from anger or arrogance. Your hatred towards all sinful life choices will never end well. Remember, JESUS loved you in your mess and we must follow HIS lead and be as loving as well by being the same.

  • Those that are pushing pride have no idea that this is a demonic spiritual influence.
  • Those that are pushing pride should just live their lives without all the fan fairs. This is the life that you have chosen to live for yourselves just live it. Hopefully, you will be delivered from this lifestyle and begin to live in the manner in which the flawless GOD made you.
  • No person should allow proud people to attack them. We are always to speak out of love to those who do not know JESUS or HIS Word from a pure heart of love, not anger or arrogance. We should not allow those who are wicked to force us away with what we must share about JESUS.
  • The truth of the matter is that those who are led by pride are led by an appetite for sexual excitement towards the same gender that GOD has given to them. GOD is not the ONE who designed that women are to be with women as with men and men are not to be with men as with women. No, GOD designed that a man is supposed to be with his wife a woman.
  •  JESUS will judge and remove those who like to brag. There will be an eternal end to anyone who is directed by the spirit of pride. These people will have no place alongside GOD’s holy people who are to live eternally in the New Jerusalem.
  • Boastful Proud people will be destroyed.
  • Proud people love to make a splendid show of themselves; they are ostentatious.
  • They will desire that everyone display their decorations or ornaments that at sight are beautifully displayed, but their meanings are shameful.
  • Pride will cause people to self-elevate to loftiness.
  • Their generous elation that is stemming from their wicked hearts springs from the consciousness of their worth.
  • Most often those who are believers in CHRIST JESUS will work in a spirit of pride. They are arrogant, angry, and rude which causes those who are wicked to propel themselves to react from the same spirit of insolence; rudeness; and exultation that was hurled at them.
  • Know or learn this that pride dines on vanity and sups on contempt.
  • GOD’s people are to give praise and honor and glory to the KING of heaven. Everything HE does is right. HE is always fair. And HE can make proud people humble.
  • Pride leads to destruction. And a proud attitude brings ruin to those led by the spirit of pride.

We are not here to be pleasers of self we are here to be pleasers of GOD and that pleasure comes from our faith in CHRIST JESUS and our blessed hope. Do what The FATHER tells us to do this is called obedience. Whatever The FATHER does, the SON JESUS does, and we must do it.

Be a witness of JESUS. JESUS seldom spoke of HIMself in a manner that HE was trying to convince people of who HE is. Instead, though in a sense HE did speak of HIMself, HE chose to give examples that still are true and operatable today. This is because JESUS’ testimony is true. We are to speak [testify] about not only the life of JESUS but the life that we have in JESUS. We are to encourage people with a better life that is found in HIM. Instead, we testify to those who are already aware of who JESUS is. We are to use our testimony to encourage our siblings in CHRIST JESUS not to win them because they already belong to The FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. It is the same way we try to convince people of our achievements most often than not people will not accept what we say about ourselves. But if other people speak about our accomplishments, then it will be better received. Our problem is that we fear rejection when we speak to those who are still sinners. Find the tone in which they are more apt to listen, and never become angry, arrogant, or pushy with anyone that the Holy Spirit directs us to be in conversation with. Sometimes the best place to speak about  JESUS is when a customer is standing in a long line with you, and they strike up a conversation with you. This is our open door. They may say something distasteful or complain about having to wait so long. This is our opportunity to turn their focus onto a more positive light. I find that when I speak with a stranger who began conversating with me and they are frustrated. I pivot that situation to a unique perspective. If I can change their mindset then, then I will say something like, you know we are waiting so that we can meet and enjoy a pleasant conversation to take our minds off the fact we chose a slow line. Most times than not it works but I am never frustrated when I am rejected. Why? Because JESUS faced rejection as well, I see myself in great company.

My beloved family in CHRIST JESUS. We know or are learning that JESUS is The AMEN. [HE is Confirmed, proved, verified, trusted, and confident]; [HE is our truth, our firmness, our trust, and our confidence]; [HE is firm and stable]. JESUS is The Faithful and True Witness. JESUS is the Beginning, the Originator, the Ruler, and the Source of all that has been created [made] by GOD.

John 5:28-31


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