Learn to be a compassionate leader


No one is as compassionate as CHRIST JESUS and it will take our life to grow into being one who is compassionate rather than one who exhibits compassion from time to time. A compassionate leader does not pick and choose who to be compassionate with nor does a compassionate leader only show compassion when they are having a good day. A compassionate leader must meet the needs of his or her people. When we show others our compassion for them they are more apt to follow us. We must learn or recall that genuine compassion towards others is a motivator in others.

I am hard-wired from birth to lead rather than to follow. Yet, there were and still are many things that I must learn to continue to be an effective leader not only in life but in my life in the gospel of CHRIST JESUS. I still have that irritating feeling within when my perception of others seems to wonder how is it that they are not equipped to know basic things in life or have a basic education as old as they are. I still feel that sense of irritation when I do not see people using basic common sense. But I am always reminded by the words of my godmother who is now asleep in the LORD that we are not to assume that those we are coming in contact with have learned those things that we believe to be basic knowledge. Have compassion and just be a gentle helper to those in need. I used to hate hearing those words from her, however, it finally got a hold of me and though inwardly I still feel that rumbling of irritation based on my worldly perception I override that with compassion.

Mark 6:34;When I look out or on the people in my travels I now not only see their humanness/humanity but am reminded that I too am human and in this I exercise by choice to be and to show kindheartedness/kindliness/kindness, mercy, pity, soft-heartedness, and warm-heartedness just to name a few. I want to build a rapport with people, I want to be sensitive and understanding toward them, after all, I am not a genius and I still make mistakes. As a leader in life and as a leader in the gospel of CHRIST JESUS I cannot afford to be lack in any of these qualities and I must possess the will to grow in them.

As a CHRISTian filled with CHRIST JESUS and knowing that everyone that I meet is not one who knows/believes that they are forgiven and loved by the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, it is understood that they are sheep without a shepherd.

Those who are in leadership roles must pray not only for themselves but for other leaders that they lead and command with compassion as a shepherd does with his or her sheep. Sheep/people who do not have a compassionate leader are scattered here and there.

The LORD GOD has a plan for HIS own people and that is that HE alone is able and willing to save HIS people. HE has sent to us HIS Holy Spirit who is our teacher of all things good and holy which will give us direction in the way that we are to go. Be the type of leader that people want to follow, be approachable, compassionate, communicate openly, lovingly, and mercifully. See their needs and tend to them. After all, we all have special needs.

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