Lead as JESUS led p-2


Those who are in leadership roles or desire to be so must also have the following qualities that are to be exhibited.

  • You must be Approachable
  • You must be Authentic
  • You must possess Clarity of Communication
  • You must be able to Influence Positively

These are the characteristics that also resided in CHRIST JESUS. No matter how many self-help books are read or seminars that are intended, it will be impossible to have all of these qualifications without JESUS living within you and you living within HIM. Sure we may be able to operate in one or more of these qualifications but to live out all is impossible without JESUS.

Most often leaders will not have a team that they 100% will like due to character conflicts. However, as a leader, we are to like those that we are leading and in JESUS we are to go above liking to loving those that we have a personality conflict with or vice versa. As leaders, it is a requirement that we are able to influence those that we have authority over to follow us. When we do not like a member of our team it shows in our body language and in the mannerism in which we speak to that individual. When this happens with a CHRISTian our prayer is not to have GOD change that person but our prayer must be that GOD will change us to reflect HIS character within us more and more. I personally know that this prayer will be answered because it happened to me when I was once employed in Corporate America. It has always been my character trait to befriend the ones that most will consider unfriendly. Though at the beginning with one individual I tried to find many things about the person to focus on and instead magnified what I considered to be a phony personality. Professionally, I spoke politely with her because we had to work together and I also, would greet her as I did with everyone else that I would pass by on my journeys from one location of various offices to another. Then the day finally came when the LORD GOD spoke to me and I listened, I did all HE asked of me and the result was overwhelming from her. Though I have been retired for twenty years now I still acknowledge her birthdays and other important days that come up in her life that I am aware of. I began to be one that she found approachable, we began to see within each other our authenticity, I communicated with her clearly about how I once perceived her and asked that she forgive me and she did and finally with her I was able to be an influence within her life.

Luke 5:27 Leaders must lead which means people should want to follow willingly.

Mt. 9:9-13; Mk. 2:14-17; 8:34; Lk. 9:59-62; Jn. 12:26, 21:19, 22


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