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July 17, 2020

The promised Holy Spirit came after JESUS ascended-John 7:39

In the book of Luke, JESUS said that HE would send [authorize, commission to come and act, direct] the promise of HIS FATHER to us. That promise is the Holy Spirit whom we are to ask for then we are to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit which most definitely will come to those of us who truly have a repentant heart. To those of us who are Jews from our circumcised heart of repentance, those of us who are of the house of David.

The FATHER knew that without help as JESUS was when HE lived and walked among humanity was our demonstrator, guide, helper, instructor, and teacher that we would not be able to live without the power and stability of, HIS Holy Spirit. So, the FATHER with HIS love for us gave to us a promise of HIS, Holy Spirit. JESUS then reminded and informed us that the FATHER has given to us a promise and that HIS promise would come after HE had become glorified. So, the Holy Spirit did not arrive to live within us until after JESUS ascended back to heaven. JESUS made it very clear that no one should not be able to comprehend this plain message. “Those who believe in HIM/JESUS will receive the Holy Spirit who had not as yet come to remain because JESUS had not yet been exalted to glory”. Notice how in Jhn. 11:14 that JESUS said that “it is the glory and honor or GOD that the SON of GOD may be glorified”. In Jhn. 12:16; the disciples remembered what was written in Zech. 9:9; “Look your KING is coming to you, HE is Just and having Salvation, HE is Lowly and comes riding on a donkey/a colt/a foal of a donkey. Jhn. 12:23; JESUS had informed HIS disciples that HIS hour had come for HIM to be glorified and exalted. Jhn. 13:31; The time had come for JESUS to be glorified and that GOD is glorified in HIM.

In those previous books, chapters, and verses we read that JESUS never looked for HIS glory to come from the inhabitants of the earth but HIS FATHER,  Jhn. 17:5. JESUS became glorified after HIS ascension and then came the promised Holy Spirit. Is. 44:3; Joel 2:28; I will pour out my Spirit on humanity.  Ezk. 39:29; The face of GOD will not be hidden from humanity because HE has poured out HIS, Holy Spirit, this is what the LORD GOD/the FATHER has said. Zech. 12:10; The LORD GOD will pour out the Spirit of Grace, HIS unmerited favor, and HIS supplication on humanity. Acts 2:17-21; we have been assured with this. “I will pour out MY Spirit on all humanity”.

I link my desire with the FATHER’s for all to believe in HIS, SON, CHRIST JESUS. For all to receive the gift of salvation and then for us to ask for HIS, Holy Spirit which has been promised to the house of David. Of whom we become after we realize that we are forgiven from past, present, and future acts of sins all because we chose to finally believe in JESUS and have that sin of disbelief in HIM forgiven.


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