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July 23, 2020

Series two of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit gives commandments-Acts 1:2

As long as JESUS remained here on this earth, JESUS continued to teach, heal, deliver, and so on. But JESUS time had come that HE had to return to the FATHER to take HIS rightful place on the right side of HIS FATHER to sit down on HIS throne. And just as JESUS had to return to heaven, JESUS will return to this earth and every soul will see HIM. But HIS return will not be to live again among HIS creation but rather HIS return is to gather/reap HIS harvest, to come for HIS bride/to come for the true church which is made of flesh. Yet, the flesh will not enter into heaven but rather our true being which is the spirit that had been born again from our belief in CHRIST JESUS and resurrected from the dead. From the time we began to believe until our final earthly breath the believer/the disciple in CHRIST JESUS must witness to others about the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of CHRIST JESUS. We must share with others about what CHRIST JESUS has done in our own personal life as we share JESUS. The important piece is to share JESUS and not get lost in sharing our testimony or those who have been recorded in the Bible who like us were sinners only.

Though the Holy Spirit was promised to us from the FATHER, JESUS works through the Holy Spirit. CHRIST JESUS through the Holy Spirit speaks, HE spoke to HIS apostles giving to them commandments. However, the commandments which were given to the apostles began there but it should not end there. Just because we have apostles among us today does not mean that they are the only disciples with the commandments to do the following. 


  • Apostles are disciples and disciples are students who learn from another, we are followers who adhere to the doctrine and precepts [Ten Commandments which are about moral conduct and the law which is to love] of JESUS CHRIST. 
  • We are to go out and bring up more disciples helping them to learn more about JESUS and less about religion.
  • To believe in JESUS and less of self, and to obey JESUS more than obeying this world system.

In time the Holy Spirit will prompt those who truly belong to JESUS to be water baptized and their baptism must be in the name of the triune GOD who is ONE, the FATHER, SON-JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Disciples are not made by cleaning the fish before catching the fish. All disciples in CHRIST JESUS are to go out and share the life of JESUS which is Good News/Gospel of JESUS. We are missing out on our opportunity to do just what JESUS through the Holy Spirit has commanded us to do and that is because of some of these reasons.


  • Some of us are not baptized in the Holy Spirit meaning that we are not being taught by Him who JESUS is and who we are in JESUS.
  • We cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us, giving us the words to speak to various people.
  • We are void of power that we can only get from the Holy Spirit to live in JESUS through Him as well as to go out and do what JESUS through the Holy Spirit desires for HIS disciples to do.
  • We are afraid of rejection and have begun to speak and act like the world only to become secret Christians rather than being bold outgoing CHRISTians.

The Holy Spirit provides us with eternal peace unlike the temporary peace offered by the world which is based on circumstances. The FATHER sent JESUS out and JESUS, in turn, sends us out. Maybe someone told you that you must be ordained before making disciples. That is true we must be ordained by JESUS. Maybe somebody told you that you must hold a position in church/local assembly. That is a lie. We are being made into disciples/ministers in JESUS through HIS Holy Spirit. There are places and purposes for those of us who hold positions in church/local assembly and just like those who do not hold a fivefold position we too are commanded to make disciples. All disciples are representatives of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS through the  Holy Spirit commanded us to share HIM with people regardless of our liking them or not, regardless of our knowing them or not, regardless of them being of the same nationality or not, regardless of them being male or female, and regardless of their skin coloring. JESUS never said share ME with those who already know ME. Yet, that is what many of us do, we witness JESUS to those who already know HIM and that HE knows. We are already friends of GOD but we are not going out to make more friends for GOD, making more disciples for GOD. We must spread the message of JESUS, we must testify of JESUS. The testimony is not about pivotal characters that we can learn from who have been recorded into the Bible. The testimony is not about what the lead minister of your local assembly has said. No, the testimony is only about JESUS, and if we are not speaking more about JESUS and HIS testimony incorporated with what HE has done in our personal lives than we are not doing what JESUS through the Holy Spirit has commanded that we do.


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