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July 24, 2020

The Holy Spirit gives power-Acts 1:8


Our promise to receive the Holy Spirit is not so we can be an embarrassment to the Kingdom of GOD in becoming over-emotional which is worldly in our local assembly but rather to be filled with complete power from on high to accomplish all that we are to get done. That filling is done by the FATHER by sending the Holy Spirit to reside within us inwardly as well as outwardly. This is called the furnishing and equipping which is most often referred to as the anointing of the Spirit for ministry. Not necessarily to be one of the fivefold ministers which are apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, and teachers. Paul said, “GOD has equipped us to become capable ministers/servants.” It is by the gospel of CHRIST JESUS that we are made a minister/servant by the gift of GOD’s grace given to us by HIS power which indwells in us through the Holy Ghost.

The power of GOD is a person, not a thing and He is the Holy Spirit the triune GODhead. For those of us who own automobiles when it is new, we must have full coverage then once we pay off the debt we pay for partial coverage. But what does full coverage protect the driver for and from, well, let us take a look? Full coverage protects you, your car, the other driver, and the car. Here is what we get from full coverage.

  • Liable, taking responsibility.
  • Comprehensive, complete coverage.
  • Collision, collide, and clash.
  • Uninsured, [un] opposite of being or having, not, zero, without.
  • Medical, the need for physicians’ assistance.

Not having all of the above negates our peace of mind should we have an automobile accident. It is the same with our salvation, not having the baptism of the Holy Spirit leaves us partially insured rather than fully insured because without Him we have no peace of mind or power. The Holy Spirit clothes us which means that He is the One who equips us with heavenly power. Without Him, all we are doing is going somewhere to cause trouble. He is the One who gives to us the words to speak, He is the One who gives to us the wisdom of GOD to live our daily lives, He is the One who causes the sick to be healed and the dead to rise, He is the One who teaches us how to pray in our heavenly language, He is the One whom JESUS sent to us to be our comforter, helper, and teacher and all that He does is to bring glory to JESUS. Anyone who does what the Word of GOD instructs us to do without the Holy Spirit is doing so out of one or all of these depictions. Ignorance to the full instruction of GOD, the disbelief of the Holy Spirit, pride,  or self-glorification. The Holy Spirit never does or speaks what JESUS has not told Him to do or say because His ministry is to CHRIST JESUS as should ours be.

We are to be witnesses of CHRIST JESUS, not witnesses of ourselves or those great Bible characters or of those that we look up to that are being instrumental in our learning. People are great but none of us can compare to the Holy Ghost. GOD uses people for HIS glory, not the other way round. As witnesses of who and what the FATHER is and does through CHRIST JESUS and who and what JESUS is and does, we will need to know from the Word of GOD as well as our own experiences as to who the FATHER is to us, who JESUS is to us, what has the FATHER done and what has CHRIST JESUS done. Who are we to them/HIM? Being a witness is this, the testimony of fact or facts, our giving of evidence which should be our life through a heart transplant by JESUS, character and integrity change that reflects CHRIST JESUS and less of us, to have personal knowledge of CHRIST JESUS to have a public affirmation to provide to others.

The Holy Spirit is also known as the Helper who has come alongside CHRIST JESUS to be our:

  • Advocate/to make an earnest appeal for us to the FATHER against what the prosecutor/devil has to say against those of us who belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.
  • To be our Comforter/He gives us assistance, cheer, consoles, courage, enjoyable experiences, hope, relief, strength, support, and well-being. 
  • He is our Counselor/advice-giver. 
  • He is our Standby/a favorable resource, available for immediate action, near and ever-ready, to be relied on. 
  • And He is our Strengthener/He is the One who makes us strong and continues to become stronger.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who comes from the FATHER and will only testify of CHRIST JESUS because He is a great witness of CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit points to the truth concerning CHRIST JESUS. This way we will be able to testify of CHRIST JESUS also and be HIS witnesses pointing out HIS identity because HE was with us from the beginning and we with HIM since we repented.

In the power of the Holy Spirit, we are to go out and make disciples helping them to know JESUS so that they may believe and obey HIS words. All of us who have a personal relationship in CHRIST JESUS and have been endued with HIS power are equipped to spread the Good News/the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS to everyone who will either listen or read. I never did want to travel outside of America to speak nor do I continue to travel within America anymore to speak because speaking is not my thing. But my contribution to spreading the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS is done much like the apostle Paul, through writing. In this manner, I am reaching the eyes of people all over the globe according to the data I look at annually. I know that it is because I have the power of the Holy Ghost that people are paying attention through reading these news articles and that it has nothing to do with me outside of my being obedient. Because those of us who are filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and being obedient to HIS will in our lives will be heard by those who have been hand-picked by GOD to hear HIS voice because HIS message has gone and is continually going out all over the earth. There was a time that we who are now believers were once alienated through being separated because of our hostile and hateful mind towards JESUS demonstrating the sin that was in us through our sinning. Now, as believers, we can confidently proclaim that we have been reconciled/restored to a harmonious friendship to GOD through HIS physical body through HIS death in our place so that HE can present us to the FATHER blameless, holy, and beyond reproach, no longer to receive the punishment that we deserved and no longer disapproved of. Remain planted in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, do not venture away from what we have heard, tasted, and seen that the LORD, HE is good. CHRIST JESUS is our living hope and HE has been announced to the entire world to capture us all. The Holy Spirit is our messenger and He has within Him the eternal gospel of CHRIST JESUS and He empowers us to get out spreading the Good News of CHRIST JESUS to everyone in tribes and nations whether they listen or not.


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