Be Patient With Doubters

Romans 14:1

How many of us were born fully mature from our mother’s womb?

How many of us were born-again fully mature from the Spirit of the Living GOD?

If you answered honestly, none of us were born either naturally or spiritually mature. All of us must be taught and from being taught we apply and grow into the maturity of what we have been taught. So, if this is correct, why is it that when we interact with our brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, we become argumentative about where they are weak or unknowledge about something that we know of, or are living free in the application of GOD’s Holy Word? For example, I [me, myself] love meat and I eat whatever meats I enjoy be it beef or pork. There are some because after reading in the law of Moses those certain meats are not to be eaten will not eat them or eat them on the down-low. Once we come to know that those that we socialize with refuse to eat certain dietary meals due to religious reasons we can do either suggestion or both.

  • Take them to the scripture that shows them what GOD said about calling what HE has made clean or unclean.
  • After they read aloud for themselves and still are doubtful then we are to leave it there not to try and push our beliefs onto them.

Why? Because just as we must grow into maturity and freedom for the things GOD has for us, they too must be likewise. Every person matures at various levels, and it is not up to us to push anyone onto the level that we are. We must be mindful of the fact that because we are mature and strong in our faith in one or a few areas of our lives we are also immature and weak in our faith in one or a few areas of our lives.

Receive our spiritual siblings as we do our natural siblings [those of us who have them], with unconditional love. Just as we share with our natural siblings’ information that they may not be aware of we can do the same with our spiritual siblings. And just as our natural siblings either take the information and find out that it is useful or not it will be the same with our spiritual siblings. What they know or believe to be true is nothing for us to get into a huff about.

All of us have opinions about what we believe, it is not for us to criticize one another. If we cannot have a rational and calm discussion as we do with other topics that we communicate about without reservation or anger, then we should be able to do the same when it comes to the scriptures. GOD has not appointed any of us to be fault-finding police nor has HE appointed any of us to be judges over another’s scruples or perplexities.

We all have a measure of strong faith in certain areas, and we all have weak faith in certain areas. None of us if we are mortals are perfect though, we have Perfection living on the inside of us. The convictions that I have may not agree with the convictions that you have; I may walk in the freedom of JESUS whereas you may walk in the laws of Moses mixed with liberty. I know that the laws of Moses and Liberty do not mix just as oil and water do not mix. I can speak with you about that but if doubt is overtaking you, I do not view that conversation with you as a failure I look at it as a sign that you are not ready to leap into that freedom of increasing in that portion your faith yet. We cannot feed solid foods to someone who is not capable of chewing. We cannot dress children in clothes that are appropriate for those of adult ages. We do not employ those who are untrained for a specific task requirement. Everything is a process, and the process is what we all must go through.

So, remember do not argue with people especially our CHRISTian brothers and sisters just because they are weaker in their faith in certain areas than you are. Do not criticize, treat them as you would want to be treated in your shortcomings.


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