JESUS Became Sin For Me


2 Corinthians 5:21

I often speak with people who will inform me that they have been saved all their life because they have been in attendance of either just their weekly worship service that is held either on Saturday or Sunday. Or they are in attendance each time the doors are unlocked and opened. That they serve on committees, sing in the choir, or hold a particular title of leadership. When speaking with such people, it is difficult to convince them that most likely they were never saved while in their Mother’s womb or at the moment of their natural birth. Please understand me, it is not that I believe that it is impossible because I serve and worship at the feet of the only GOD who can do the impossible. However, in my young sixty-plus years of living outside of my Mother’s womb and in my forty-four years of being Born-Again through JESUS CHRIST, I have never met any person who actually was saved either in the womb of their Mother or when they were mortally birthed.

I believe that I can confidently proclaim this because all the people that I have met and spoken with they either showed me their unrighteousness, their legalism, or their unbelief. Most often when it is revealed through the Word of GOD that their character and integrity do not line up with GOD’s Word, I am met with defiance. Now do not get me wrong, all of us miss the mark from time to time but most of us or at least we should make a choice not to do anything that goes against the Word of GOD habitually.

The Man/Human JESUS came into this world to save sinners. Our first sin is to not believe in HIM within our hearts, not our heads. Our second sin is to obey sin. Sin is sin and GOD does not measure sin by colors, depth, height, or width. All sin is sin in the eyes of GOD and is spelled out for us in HIS Holy Scriptures. The only man who was created was Adam and he was made perfect without sin. However, he chose to listen to the conversation that his wife was having with satan and did nothing about it. Not only that but he ate from the tree that GOD commanded and warned him not to eat from. Adam listened to and believed the lies of satan over the truth of his FATHER GOD. This is why all of us not one of us are exempt from being brought forward in iniquity [deviant to being holy, evil, sinful, unrighteous, wicked], and conceived in sin; Ps 51:4-5.

The CHRIST never sinned! but The FATHER treated JESUS the Man/Human who knew no sin as a sin for us so that CHRIST could make us acceptable to HIS FATHER. All of us went about doing our own thing in sin none of us gave JESUS any thought before we came to believe in HIM. As the song says, “It’s your thing, do what you wanna do” and we all did. Believing that our sins hurt no one but ourselves as we are known to say. But this is not true, every act of sin has a cause-and-effect law that it obeys. For example, you commit a crime, get caught, and are sentenced to jail or prison. Are you not aware that the entire family serves that time right along with you? Adam’s sin affected his wife and all of his children. From the first generation of his offspring to his current generation to his future generations. We all are Adam’s kids.

However, generations before any of us were born JESUS saw us all and knew us all before being conceived in our Mother’s womb. All of our sins were placed on JESUS. Yet, I can convincingly proclaim that today because of what JESUS did for me and for you as well, I am saved from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. In GOD’s righteousness towards me my faith is being revealed in JESUS from faith to faith and I securely live in my faith of knowing JESUS. The Law of Moses and the Prophets of old are witnesses to GOD’s righteousness, they reveal to us that we become acceptable to GOD our FATHER not because of the obedience of the law but because of our faith in JESUS The CHRIST. To every true believer in CHRIST JESUS, we are to know and proclaim that we are children of the Living GOD and that HE sent CHRIST JESUS to save us and to make us wise, acceptable, and holy through HIM and to HIM.

Now is the acceptable time for every person who believes that they have been saved all of their lives to repent [change your mind, your way of thinking] and believe in your heart who JESUS Is, what JESUS did, and begin to celebrate your true life in JESUS. You are now free to live liberally away from false doctrines, religiosity, and idols. You are today free from sin. Praise GOD-Hallelujah!


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